5 Direct Mail Marketing Secrets To Get More Response

Direct mail marketing offers advantages that other marketing mediums cannot provide.

Unlike other forms of advertising, direct mail campaigns put company information directly into the hands of customers. Marketers use materials like postcards, magazines and letters to reach out to target audiences directly.

You can drive traffic to your website, boost sales and increase your return on investment through this direct strategy. However, you need to learn how to optimize your mail campaign in order to achieve these positive results. Read this post for the best direct mail marketing secrets to get more response.

Include Personal Touches

Firstly, include personal touches in your direct mail marketing materials to engage recipients. There are several ways to personalize your mailers. For instance, you can hand write letters, cards and envelopes.

Another great technique for personalizing your mail is to include recipient names on materials. Many marketing teams also customize their postcards with photos that reflect their customers' interests, hobbies and demographics. When marketers implement these customization strategies, they get more response.

Therefore, it is a great idea to include personal touches in your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Use Different Size Postcards

Many teams also drive positive direct mail marketing results by using various postcard sizes. Review the available size options to choose the best one for your next campaign. Typically, larger postcards stand out the most.

They are hard to miss among piles of standard sized envelopes, magazines and other generic postcards. However, some overnight postcard marketing campaigns get higher response rates with smaller postcards.

These postcards that are smaller than traditional marketing items and may not stand out as much as larger ones. Despite this, they are still different from traditional postcards and can offer an elegant feel. Plus, small postcards do not get bent in mailboxes like larger ones do. Consider a variety of postcard sizes for your next direct mail marketing campaign.

Test One Variable At A Time

Moreover, testing just one variable at a time is a direct mail marketing secret that you should not ignore. When marketers test a variety of variables simultaneously, they have trouble differentiating the effective elements from the non-effective ones.

Avoid testing a new postcard size, font and shape all at once. Instead, choose just one of these components to test. Only change the sizing of your postcard and send it to a select group of customers. Then, you can accurately determine whether the new size earns you a better response or not.

Keep this direct mail marketing secret in mind to launch successful campaigns in the future.

Use Color Wisely In Mailers

Another direct mail marketing secret is to use color wisely in your mailers. Contrary to many marketers' beliefs, adding more color to direct mail items does not always drive better results.

Often times, mailers that include too many colors are cluttered and confuse recipients. Instead of overwhelming your target audience, use a select few colors to engage them. When selecting your handful of colors, consider the feeling that you want to portray.

If you want customers to feel excited when they open your mail, use warmer colors. Opt for cool colors if you want to give off a relaxing, peaceful tone in your mailers. In order to launch an effective marketing campaign, you need to use color wisely.

Make Your Materials Lumpy

Furthermore, make your direct mail materials lumpy to get more response. Lumpy mailers have much higher open rates than typical, flat materials.

The reason for this is that customers are curious. They want to know what makes the material lumpy, so they open the envelopes to find out.

In order to get a good response from this tactic, you need to keep customers' attention after they open your lumpy mailer. Use captivating imagery and clear, concise text to continue engaging audiences.

If you follow this advice, you can improve your direct mail marketing campaign results significantly.

In order to launch successful direct mail marketing campaigns, you need to implement the most effective strategies.

For instance, include personal touches in direct mail materials such as postcards, magazines and letters. Try out a variety of postcard sizes to catch consumers' attention as well.

Additionally, only change one variable at a time during direct mail marketing testing. Use color wisely to avoid confusing and overwhelming recipients with your mailers.

Finally, make your materials lumpy to boost your open rate.

Use these direct mail marketing secrets to get more response from your campaigns.