Why Life Insurance is a Must in Your Early 20’s

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A life insurance policy is one that pays a beneficiary a large sum of money as a result of the death of the policyholder. A life insurance policy can be very beneficial for many reasons and can be a huge asset to your family. An unexpected family member’s death can be devastating, and adding to … Read more

On Solid Ground: 5 Things Every Machine Shop Should Keep In Mind About Insurance

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Machine shop owners must consider all ways that they face liabilities when operating their business. When reviewing these liabilities, the business owner must consider what insurance policies provide the most protection for each liability. Operating a business leads to liabilities involving avoidable accidents, and it is up to the business owner to find the right … Read more

Are You Properly Insuring Your Home-Based Business?

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Many home-based business owners are unaware that their rental, homeowner, or personal auto insurance policies do not protect their home business operations and equipment. It’s an oversight that can turn into a costly mistake down the road. Learn why and how to insure your home business against future loss, liability, or a disruption in operation. … Read more

Small Business Owners: Should You Be Buying Life Insurance?

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When you hear the term “life insurance” you may immediately think of a personal policy used to protect and provide for your family in the event of your death. But these days, many business owners are also relying on life insurance products to help protect the business itself when key people pass away.   Businesses … Read more