Game development services

For the development of your game, Ilogos game studios have a professional team of Producers, Game Designers, Artists, 3D artists, Programmers, Level Game Designers, Sound Designers, and testers.

The number of team members varies, depending on the project.

The company guarantees that the team will consist only of experienced professionals with extensive experience.

The company's specialists will hold all the necessary consultations. After the delivery of the project, Ilogos game studios will help with further marketing and selection of publishers, or we will set up our own advertising company.

Full support during warranty and post-warranty period. Ilogos game studios offer services of integrating end-to-end analytics systems into games to track and reject low-quality advertising sources to save advertising costs.

Stages of game development services:

  • Conceptualization - the first game design document, defining the genre, audience, and primary monetization model
  • Prototyping - development of the first game prototype, hypothesis development and testing, evaluation of key game mechanics and core gameplay
  • Production - content production, 3D modeling, drawing, animation, UI/UX design, core game mechanics programming
  • Release - full launch and operation of the product. Correction of technical errors detected in the process of operation.

Team building and project development start

At this stage, a team of necessary specialists is being formed by the company.

Usually, they are the project manager, backed programmers, frontend programmers, UX/UI designers, and testers. Other specialists may be brought in if necessary, depending on the specifics of the project.

The entire project is divided into stages (depending on the collaboration model) and tasks, which in turn may consist of subtasks.

The project manager has a leading role, he oversees the timeliness of tasks and balances the load on the programmers and other project participants.

Even most guru programmers make mistakes in their work, so at all stages of development, it is necessary to carry out code debugging and functional testing.

This is all coordinated with the project manager, who, in turn, monitors the schedule and gives the customer detailed reports.

To manage the project, Ilogos game studios use JIRA on its server, Confluence to document and structure information, and Bitbucket (on its server) to control program code versions. It's also possible to use any integrations with customer-provided services.

Game applications

Gaming applications are currently at the peak of popularity due to the mass use of smartphones.

These apps are making their way into the AppStore and Google Play, and helping publishers and developers generate more revenue through gaming apps.

In the fast-paced digital age, it's an attractive idea to create your game app to make money through advertising. You may be wondering if you can create a game app without coding.