7 Things to Learn to Be a More Frugal Entrepreneur

You might find that being a successful entrepreneur is connected closely with being frugal, both in business and personal dealings. Whether or not you currently consider yourself frugal, you can still learn a few things that can help you save more money and be a more frugal individual.

How to Curb Impulses

One of the most critical parts of being an entrepreneur is knowing how to curb your impulses, even if you come across a sale or deal that seems too good to let pass by. You may not have planned on taking extra expenses, and the additional expense might cause issues with your budget later. Consider stepping back before making any purchases instead of impulsively purchasing something. Ask yourself how the purchase can benefit your organization to see whether the benefits outweigh the cost. The important thing is to be patient, even if it requires waiting to make a purchase. While you might be afraid the deal will not be available later, you will likely be able to find a similar sale in the future if you decide you truly need the product or service.

Live Below Your Current Income

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that an expensive lifestyle shows you are successful. However, many people who have expensive cars or homes do not have wealth because they have spent all their money on these luxury products. Being frugal means taking every necessary step that can help you save money. You might use coupons or only buy items when there is a good sale. Even if you treat yourself every now and then, you should generally not purchase luxuries or unnecessary items, either for your home or for your business. This allows you to build savings for a rainy day, and it means you can invest your funds to grow them. How to save on your monthly expenses is by evaluating financial products, such as student loans. If you took on debt for school, you might be able to get a better rate now by refinancing it. Utilizing NaviRefi student loan refinancing can give you better repayment terms that can reduce your monthly expenses.

track expenses

How to Track Your Expenses

Many mistakenly believe that successful, wealthy people can make any purchase they want without having to worry about it. However, this is an especially dangerous belief for an entrepreneur. Both financial success and wealth come by tracking every dollar you spend and earn. This requires you to carefully moderate what you are spending on even the necessary items. While you may need a new car, that does not mean you should pay for upgrades like leather seats or an expensive sound system. You may find there is a bigger difference than you think between wants and needs. If you want to save money and build wealth, you must be intentional about it.

Invest Wisely

Those who are looking to build wealth as quickly as possible may invest in many risky areas, hoping it will pay off. They may believe that great returns require a great investment. However, it’s important to analyze every risk, whether it’s with personal or business finances. It’s always best to avoid debt, even if that means missing out on an investment. Make sure you completely understand an investment before deciding to proceed. Take the time to read up on financial and business news to educate and immerse yourself in the industries. If you don’t know how to analyze an investment, you won’t get a good idea of how advantageous it could be.

How to Handle Emergencies

There are many unexpected events in life, and it’s impossible to prepare for every possible thing that could happen to you. It's also impossible to expect everything to go according to plan. Whether it’s an economic downturn, disaster, car wreck, or other event, setbacks can result easily. Frugal entrepreneurs have already prepared for these types of events. Perhaps you have taken out life insurance, built up savings, or created an emergency fund to help you through these times. If not this is a great example of a time when learning from a business mentor might be extremely useful. Having a first-hand resource to educate you, from experience, on why things like emergency plans are essential can help motivate you to prioritize them yourself. 

Go Digital

Many entrepreneurs create digital businesses because of how much time people tend to spend online. Having a physical presence means you may spend more because you will be paying for a lease and maintenance. Plus, you might need multiple employees to take care of the space. Going digital means you can implement automation for many tasks, and it comes with more flexibility. You will mostly be paying for your internet and computer, and you'll be able to connect with your customers through phone, email, or even video call. When you embrace a digital model, you will be better prepared to be paperless as well. 

Having too much paper in your daily life can be challenging, especially if you are working with shipments or documents. Consider transitioning to a paperless model by moving more business aspects to the computer. If you have important paper documents, consider scanning them and saving them in a secure cloud location. This makes them more easily searchable. With bills, you can often easily transition to paperless, especially if your vendors offer an online bill pay tool. You might be able to set up automatic payments, either through the vendor or through your bank. This eliminates one more task from your to do list.

Embrace Potential Setbacks

Failure can happen to anyone, and it can easily happen through no fault of yours. Successful entrepreneurs don’t see failure as a permanent setback but rather a learning experience. It can be expensive, but it still allows you to improve, which can help you be even better moving forward. On the other hand, remember that you do not need to be the one making the mistake to learn from failure. You can learn from the mistakes of others in your network as well.