Understanding Slip and Falls Cases in St. Louis, Missouri

Most folks remain unaware that at least one in five falls in the US leads to severe head injuries, some of which can result in irreversible brain damage over time. In fact, around fifteen percent of all accidental deaths in the country are due to slips and tripping. The scenario is much the same in St. Louis, Missouri, with several residents falling prey to accidental falls for various reasons.

An accomplished St. Louis slip and fall attorney can testify how dire the consequences can be of such unfortunate incidents, with many victims turning to them for assistance. These legal professionals have immense knowledge of local and national laws, enabling them to quickly determine the correct course of action in each case.

Refer to the following information to know more about how these experts can help and the key aspects of slips and falls in this popular Missouri city.

What constitutes a slip and fall in St. Louis?

Accidental falls are caused by various things in the city, such as icy or slippery walking surfaces, uneven flooring, or folds and tears on carpeting and rugs that can cause people to trip. Loose tiles and floorboards can also cause a slip when residents step on them, particularly in commercial properties like retail stores and public buildings. Falling objects and poor lighting might also contribute to these types of falls and consequent injuries.

The extent and type of injury from these incidents in St. Louis depend on multiple factors, such as the severity and location of the fall. However, typical injuries include broken bones, soft tissue damage, neck and back sprains, and spine injuries. Sometimes, the consequences can be more severe, such as brain or spinal cord damage and irreversible eye injuries, besides lacerations and abrasions.

Proving liability is key

The foremost step in any slip-and-fall case in the city is to prove liability. To do this, your lawyer must show that the property owner was negligent and allowed a dangerous condition to exist on their premises, despite knowing it. A capable local attorney can also prove that the liable party allowed the hazardous condition to remain that way over a significant period, allowing it to pose a threat to passersby.

Also, they will file the claim well within the Missouri statute of limitations five years after the accident. This prevents you from crossing the deadline, making way for you to receive the compensation.

Compensation to expect

The total amount of money you can expect to receive for slips and falls in St. Louis, Missouri, is dependent upon many factors, such as the fall location and severity of injuries. For instance, if your accident occurred on a busy street or pedestrian walkway, you may be able to claim more than someone who slipped while entering a home or going upstairs.

An expert St. Louis attorney can study the case and provide a free consultation to help you understand your options. Typically, the compensation you receive should cover medical costs, lost wages, property damage (if any), future treatment and therapy expenses, emotional anguish, mental trauma, physical pain, scarring, disabilities, disfigurement, etc.

Why an experienced lawyer matters

Hiring an experienced St. Louis slip and fall attorney will increase your chances of getting maximum compensation for your injuries. For example, suppose a resident has sustained brain damage due to a fall caused by another person's negligence or carelessness. In this scenario, an established lawyer will know which course of action is best, ensuring to receive the sort of compensation that will help the unfortunate victim recover over an extended period.

Besides these cases, reputable local firms also handle other personal injury cases, such as medical negligence, wrongful death claims against negligent doctors or hospitals, dog bites, and nursing home abuse. They also take up cases involving defective products like appliances recalled by manufacturers due to safety concerns and swimming pool accidents.

Invariably, hiring a firm with decades of experience acquiring millions of dollars toward settlements for personal injury victims in St. Louis is the safest choice.