Aiming to Employ a Top Growth Marketer? Do’s and Don’ts

Have you been doing SEO, PPC, direct mail, email marketing, and various social media sites to enhance your brand and business? Most entrepreneurs stick to one or a few specific platforms and tools of marketing, not always giving them the desired success. Professional help can come in handy, and help you realize your goals, someone who understands your needs and can make them happen. This investment can yield great returns, depending on the type of your business. 

A PPC expert, for instance, can manage your pay-per-click advert campaigns, which include the design, strategy, implementation, SEO, analysis, and performance analysis. It needs a unique set of skills, therefore it is a challenging job. A growth marketer, however, can use just one or all the channels listed. And for the growth marketer, the channel is just a tool; they strive to get fast, scalable, and sustainable results. Look for these characteristics to find great growth marketers:

They plan carefully and accept failure 

Successful growth marketers have great ideas and implement them quickly, measuring up the chance of failure, and moving on quickly if that happens. First, they must try what’s working, before they can realize which tool/trick they should stick with. They learn to avoid channels and concepts that seem promising but don’t work. If you want to employ a top growth marketer, you first have to post the job in the right job search platform. Ask the job seekers about examples of how they handled challenges in the past. Make sure you check their ability to readjust in a tough situation, by being highly performance-driven.

They are sharp

They understand that growth marketing is an ever-changing service, hence they need to adjust to the flow of marketing rapidly, then carefully plan and implement the following steps. They easily recognize certain dynamics and see challenges in a positive light. This is a key quality of any marketer today, and if they fail at this, you can suggest them to work on it with the following tricks: decisions should be based on data rather than instincts, testing campaigns short-term (6 weeks the longest), after tracking, responding to changes promptly, that are crucial to your business. Nowadays, recruiters are looking for employees who posses advanced critical thinking skills

They assess every process

Almost anything can be measured, except a few things, such as client satisfaction (usually resources are minimal to do this). Growth marketers, however, will measure certain metrics, if they help them to see the big picture transparently.  KPIs help them along the way to track their progress. By measuring all they do, they are ensuring the success of your marketing, so you should encourage them if they haven’t yet done so. It is never late to start assessing the processes. Obtaining the desired results is the key here, not what exactly is measured!

They work on the most important metrics

They shouldn’t get lost in the trap of the metrics; as we mentioned, not all of them matter! What’s important is that they focus on metrics that can be reasonably utilized. Such vanity metrics like web traffic is a good example; you can have millions of quality visitors per month, but that doesn’t mean they want to engage in your business. Make sure to ask your growth marketer, how do they choose the metrics they concentrate on. 

open laptop with charts on screen

Your brand is central for them

Studies show how a well-known brand name can influence people. The collective thinking suggests that higher-quality brands or even just branded products do better in the market than their equivalents of a lower brand, or without a brand. This is how the human mind works; we like to give frameworks if we can. By knowing your service or product, your customers can trust you more, and be willing to return in the long term. What makes your brand stand out? It’s not only about design, but a lot more than that. Besides a modern, and catchy design, how you handle clients matters the most. 

Healthy relationships with clients matter to them

It is more important than many marketers think, who put it to the bottom of their priorities. Why are good relationships crucial to your business performance? We mentioned trust before; customers not only need to trust you but be willing to refer your products and services to others. They will only be willing to talk about your business and help your company grow if you build healthy relationships with them

They are highly competitive 

Top growth marketers don’t settle. They don’t simply repeat things that work, but constantly search for new ways of how to make marketing better. This quality is ingrained in them. Don’t forget to check this trait when you interview them. But if they know most of the other areas mentioned, and you like the person, give them a chance to learn the missing technical skills and adapt. Let them know how important it is to you to see your business succeed. To master this, each day they need to analyze the performance of the previous day and ask themselves how they could change it for the better. 

Their customers remember them 

Although collecting data, and measuring metrics are essential, it’s not everything! The human element, or your customers, are not just numbers. They can have and perhaps will have special needs. Especially if you want them to be returning clients. If you don’t realize this, eventually they will leave. This fact shouldn’t be overlooked by your growth marketer either!

They outperform competitors

The best growth marketers don’t just aim to do as much as other market players but strive to do more. They know that this is the only way to rise to the top. Among the many things they do, they build faster and more user-friendly websites, offer more advanced services along with a better experience than others, exploit market channels they don’t use, recognize and target market sectors that others have not…

It is a better idea, to focus on your competitors’ weaknesses and targeting those in the beginning; in the long run, you can try and switch to outperform all your competitors for your business success.