Starting a School Fundraiser: A Brief How-To Guide

Every parent goes through the fundraising phase with their child. It’s an exciting time for both sides, where the reward is in helping others to reach a common goal. Starting a school fundraiser is easy, and should be the beginning of many rewarding tasks. 


The quickest and safest way to organize is with the best fundraiser service. There are a lot of hiccups involved in starting a school fundraiser. Even if you’ve successfully run one, that doesn’t mean the next will proceed without errors. A fundraising service takes the stress out of running the entire campaign while leaving you with equally important (but stress free) tasks. This is a vital step when dealing with a large school. Do a little research into the features you want, and the rest will take care of itself. 

Gauge Interest

You can’t just wake up and decide that you want to start a school fundraiser. This type of event gets interest due to a common cause. That can be to help the poor, to provide books for a department or to raise money for a class trip. There are an infinite number of reasons to start a school fundraiser, so the sky is the limit. But without a strong interest in the actual campaign, the fundraiser will fizzle out long before it meets the funding goal. 

Have A Reachable Goal

What happens after you find a fundraising service and gauge interest? This next step is the one that many fundraisers fail at. A clear and reachable goal will make or break whatever plans you have in place. If the goal is to raise five grand, then everyone involved can see the finish line to the goal. But if the goal is to ‘raise money’ without an actual number, then there is less excitement. You’ll also find that donators and event goers have less of an incentive to participate. People love achievements, so you have to provide some type of indictor that they are making a difference. 


Send children home with flyers and advertise all over the school. If the school has a social media influence, then it becomes second nature to freely advertise online. A school fundraiser gains the same amount of attention as a state fair if marketed correctly. Food, drinks, and a lot of familiar faces are more than enough to get people to attend an event – the rest is up to you. 

School Fundraisers Need Open Minds

Pay attention to the children and teens of the event. They have a lot of great ideas that shouldn’t be ignored. If they’re excited about the fundraiser, then their word of mouth about the event will be an incredible marketing tool. Shutting down ideas without listening will lose the interest of a lot of young minds that would love to participate in the event.

A Wise Decision

School fundraisers can be small events or huge spectacles. Whether small or large, they are essential when it comes to adding life skills to a child’s resume. A strong desire to help others starts with a little work, and a fundraiser is the best way to get the ball rolling.