8 Unique Fundraising Ideas For Charities And Nonprofits

Nothing feels better than being able to help someone in need. If you have enough food for the day or a roof over your head, and can buy yourself luxuries every now and then, you might want to give back to the community and give other people an opportunity to enjoy the good things in life. However, you might not have the full financial capacity to do so, or maybe you’d like to spread the word about this cause to reach more people who are also willing to donate. To make it happen, you can host fundraising events for charities and nonprofits. 

Helping someone in need can make their day. It gives you an opportunity to make them feel special and happy, even for just a short while. To give you some ideas about what you can do, below are some fundraising concepts you might want to consider:

1. Sports Event

If you live in a community with plenty of college and high school folks involved in sports, you may consider organizing a fundraising sports event in which everyone can participate. You can charge participating teams a small fee and spectators an entrance fee. You can then donate the money you’ve collected to your chosen charity or nonprofit organization. Alternatively, some apps like Hour-A-Thon Fundraising convert one hour of sports matches to fundraising money, which helps provide financial support to sports leagues. 

2. Junk Donations

There are some things that people have completely no use for anymore even if they are still in good condition, so they just throw these items away. But before that happens, you might want to organize a junk donation drive wherein you can accept all kinds of junk you can recycle. This way, you can turn someone’s trash into your treasure. Once you have collected enough junk, you can take it to your nearest recycling center in exchange for money. You can then donate the money to your chosen charity or purchase items they need.

3. Car Wash

Not everyone is willing to wash their cars. It can be because they’re too busy or don’t want to go through the trouble. If you have the right tools with you, you might want to consider hosting a car wash drive and washing people’s cars for a fee. You can donate the fees collected to your chosen charity. Moreover, you can also gather more volunteers to help clean cars for a cause. This’ll help to make your community have cleaner vehicles while also helping charities and nonprofit organizations. 

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4. Art Show 

Art is everywhere. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could allow local artists to show their talents to the world and hopefully get good money out of it? If you have plenty of local artists around your neighborhood and an open area to accommodate a large crowd, you might want to consider hosting an art show. This’ll benefit everyone as you can allow the artists to sell their products to the visitors. You don’t have to get commissions from their artworks, but only charge them for participating in the show. You can also charge an entrance fee to the public for exclusive access to amazing art. It’ll be a great way to raise money for charities and provide a platform for the local art community to showcase their talents.

5. Cooking Class

If you’re skilled in cooking, you might want to host a cooking class for both adults and kids around your neighborhood. This way, you can teach everyone a good life skill and earn from it, which you can donate to charities and nonprofit organizations. Alternatively, you can hire a well-known chef or cook to attract more students to your cooking class as they’d want to learn from a master. However, this might require a bit more budget as you need to look for a venue for the class and provide the necessary tools and ingredients to get things done. 

6. Used Book Sale

If you have plenty of books stored around your home that you no longer have use for, you might want to consider hosting a used book sale. With this fundraising event, you can collect used books from your community and sell them at a small price. You can use the money raised to donate to your chosen charity or nonprofit organization. It’d be great if you could try to make this national by asking for used book donations all over the country. You can sell the books online or display them in your garage. This’ll be a great way to reach a wider audience. 

7. Hair Donation

There are plenty of people who wear wigs because of hair loss. This is specific to those who are undergoing chemotherapy. While there are plenty of wigs you can purchase off the market, it’d be nice if they could also wear real hair for a more natural look. However, gathering natural hair isn’t as easy as it seems. To help cancer patients get naturally beautiful hair, you can consider hosting a hair donation drive within your community. You can set requirements, such as minimum length and hair condition, for people who would like to donate. You can coordinate with a nonprofit organization and ask them about their hair requirements. 

8. Speed Dating

Plenty of people wish to find love in this big world. However, not everyone gets the opportunity to find their ‘the one.’ To help them find their one true love in a fun way, you can consider hosting a speed dating event within your community. You can charge the participants a small fee to raise money. You can also ask volunteers to serve food and drinks, or invite some local bands to play music. To attract more people to the event, you might want to consider asking various companies to sponsor it to ensure a great dating experience for the participants. While this might be a bit more challenging, emphasizing that this’ll be for a greater cause might encourage people to participate in your event. 


There are plenty of ways to hold a unique fundraising event for your chosen charity or nonprofit organization. With the number of choices above, you’ll surely find something you can proudly host and accomplish, allowing you to raise as much money as possible. With this, you can make the world a better place and inspire others to do the same.