How can businesses benefit from portable storage containers?

It's only logical that as your company expands, so will the products you collect. Is it becoming increasingly difficult to locate or create space in your business? Don't be concerned; you're not alone.

You're only limited by your imagination when it comes to using a mobile storage shipping container to make additional room in the office or store those confidential data under lock and key.

Because of how adaptable and dependable a storage container can be when utilised as storage space, mobile storage shipping containers may be a great asset to any firm in any industry!

Short-Term Storage 

Are you relocating or remodelling? Or perhaps the new distance requirements will necessitate you to need more space - there are a variety of reasons you may require an additional bit of space for a short period of time.

When coming to the workplace necessitates adhering to distance regulations, ensure that your employees can be accommodated securely and swiftly. This is where a portable storage container may help! Instead of paying a moving crew, vehicles, and a storage facility, have your own, portable on-site storage space supplied to you. All you have to worry about when renting a movable storage shipping container is:

  • There should be enough space on your premises for the container 
  • Packing your belongings

We’ll take care of the delivery and pick up of your container, so you can focus on what really matters – running your business.
Another benefit of renting a portable storage container is having on-site storage space right on your property. 

On-Site Access 

When we talk about on-site storage, we mean anything from storing documents to keeping your power equipment safe.

A portable storage container is a safe and cost-effective solution for businesses to keep pricey tools, extra office furniture, and private documents, such as tax records, on their premises.

If you operate in an industry that requires a large quantity of storage space on a regular basis, such as house decorators, realtors, or staging businesses, portable storage with on-site access may be the ideal answer for you. You can store furniture or equipment on your property, and it will stay clean and undamaged until you’re ready to use it. 

Inventory Management 

With the holidays behind us, finding space for additional goods is a significant problem, and with a portable storage container, you can ensure that all of your stock is secure, no matter where or how long it is kept. It's an excellent technique to keep excess supply under control and provides quick access when you need to replace supplies. If it doesn't fit on your shelves or has to be shown later, or if you want to buy clearance merchandise ahead of time at a great price but don't have the space to keep it all, portable storage might be the solution.

A movable storage container, similar to a heavy-duty vault, was developed to keep merchandise safe and secure while travelling large distances. While on-site storage is advantageous, if you are unable or unable to keep your container on your property, we may accept it and store it at our facility.

You may rest easy knowing that your goods will be safe during their journey as long as everything is packed appropriately and objects are secured. Because you are the only one who has a key to your lock, no one will be able to access your valuables.

Get a portable storage container for your business

iCan gives you more alternatives for mobile storage. We deliver, you pack, and we pick up your portable storage container when and where you need it. You may also keep your portable storage container on your property so you can access your goods at any time. It's really that simple.