Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns That Inspire

Inspiring guerrilla marketing, man strangely dressed

Here are Some Campaigns to Fuel Your Imagination. I don’t blame you for being a bit intimidated by guerilla marketing.  It can be a very abstract concept and it’s easy to think it’s for people with some amazing imagination.  But being an entrepreneur is all about leaping out of one’s comfort zones, taking risks.  Be [...]

How Self-Storage Facilities Are Wooing Business Customers

Self-storage business entrance door

Self-storage is changing, and in ways that can help your small business. Self-storage companies have traditionally been associated with individuals and families looking for a temporary place to store their stuff. But in the last decade, the self-storage industry has been going through an evolution, offering a wide range of services to help utilized by businesses [...]

Top Paypal Alternatives for 2014: ebid


Say “eBay” very quickly and someone might hear “eBid.”  While eBay is, of course, a very well-known online marketplace, eBid is no newcomer, having been around since 1998. eBid trades in dizzying versatility, the auction site offering event tickets, collectibles, hobbies, even large wholesale lots. One facet that eBid likes to tout is its lack [...]

Alternatives to Paypal: Venmo


Venmo is for anyone who’s lost a wallet. In 2009, a bright young college student named Iqram Magdon-Ismail lost his wallet in Philadelphia en route to NYC to visit his pal Andrew Kortina.  Rather than being a foul scrooge to his penniless bud, Kortina paid for everything during the visit. Magdon-Ismail wrote a check to [...]

Surprising Secrets of Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs secret, top secret seal, chop, red in rectangular shape

Business success can mean accepting what others deny. There are a lot of pieces of advice or information that a lot of us have heard.  In fact, certain bits of conventional wisdom are repeated many times over, readily available in dozens of business books.  But the biggest piece of information for an entrepreneur is to [...]

The Myth of the 4-Hour Work Week

tim ferris, 4 hours week, face of tim ferris with a cap

When Timothy Ferriss claims to know how to make a pile of money, he’s not kidding.  It’s true that he made money in business, nutritional supplements to be sure.  But in terms of becoming ultra-rich, it’s books that have done it, books that make grand promises.  Chief among these is 2007’s The 4-Hour Work Week: [...]

Alternatives To eBay: Bonanza

bonanza webiste homepage, selling everything but the ordinary

Let’s face it: life is about family, work, personal growth, and searching for alternatives to eBay.  In fact, searching for alternatives to eBay may overlap with some of these others quite a lot. In any case, Bonanza may turn out to be a situation that creates a spurt of wealth or opportunity for savvy sellers [...]

Best Home Business: Start a Green Cleaning Company

Green cleaning, Various green color house cleaning tools

Green cleaning fills a niche and isn’t expensive to start. It can be hard to know which type of business to start up, and finding a good niche can be at least half the battle.  Keeping on top of the latest trends is key, and that’s what we’re here for.  Each year, a few hot [...]