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Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns That Inspire

Here are Some Campaigns to Fuel Your Imagination. I don’t blame you for being a bit intimidated by guerilla marketing.  It can be a very… Read the rest
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Guerrilla Marketing Tips For 2014

Guerrilla Marketing Encapsulates the Entrepreneurial Experience. Guerrilla marketing is one of the most satisfying components of business, and it encapsulates just about everything in the… Read the rest
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Guerrilla Marketing For Small Business

Think outside the Cage. Guerrilla marketing is all about winning with your mind. Instead of paying for exorbitant ad campaigns, guerilla marketing means coming up… Read the rest
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Writing The Best Press Releases For Your Business

A piece of advice the entrepreneur often hears is “don’t forget press releases.” It’s true—it’s not all about tweets and Facebook. Press releases extend your… Read the rest
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Tips For Naming Your Business

We’re not all wordsmiths. In fact, we’re not all marketing experts, even though we’re asked, as entrepreneurs to wear that hat from time to time.… Read the rest

5 Great Corporate Videos and Why They Work

  A jerky and uncertain production that felt like a newspaper advertisement as much as a television one, the first ad on British TV was… Read the rest
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Advertising Your Small Business on Craigslist-

Whether you are promoting a product or a service, Craigslist is one of the most widely used online classified sites today. Millions of users visit… Read the rest
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Promoting a “Green” Business

Environmentally friendly or “Green” products have become a large part of our society today. Not only are these products and services beneficial to society but… Read the rest