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Best 2014 Alternatives to EBay: Amazon

Have you heard of Amazon?  You’ve heard of it, but that may not mean you’re familiar with its options for sellers, ways it can work… More
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Guerrilla Marketing For Small Businesses

Win With Your Mind. Guerilla marketing is all about winning with your mind.  Instead of paying for exorbitant ad campaigns, guerilla marketing means coming up… More
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Your Small Business Should Avoid Location-Based Social Media Marketing

Location-oriented services such as Yelp and Foursquare are scuffling to stay relevant, while titans like Facebook and Google  are challenging the location game.  Thus, a  … More
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Why Promotional Product Marketing Works

Proponents of promotional products (many of them members of that industry) have no shortage of enthusiasm for these items, sometimes nicknamed schwag. I’m talking about… More
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Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns That Inspire

Here are Some Campaigns to Fuel Your Imagination. I don’t blame you for being a bit intimidated by guerilla marketing.  It can be a very… More
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Guerrilla Marketing Tips For 2014

Guerrilla Marketing Encapsulates the Entrepreneurial Experience. Guerrilla marketing is one of the most satisfying components of business, and it encapsulates just about everything in the… More
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Guerrilla Marketing For Small Business

Think outside the Cage. Guerrilla marketing is all about winning with your mind. Instead of paying for exorbitant ad campaigns, guerilla marketing means coming up… More
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Writing The Best Press Releases For Your Business

A piece of advice the entrepreneur often hears is “don’t forget press releases.” It’s true—it’s not all about tweets and Facebook. Press releases extend your… More