8 Inspirational Quotes From Mark Zuckerberg

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  Zuckerberg knows: do what you love   Mark Zuckerberg is, with room to spare, the poster child for the dream life.  He struck big before 22, and his company just kept striking and striking, growing and growing.  He’s done the Paris Hilton, private yacht routine.  The conventional wisdom with him is that his life [...]

Alternative To EBay: Ruby Lane

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    Continuing in our series of alternatives to EBay, here’s Ruby Lane, an online marketplace with an emphasis on antiques.  It’s important to note, first of all, that EBay was not named after anyone’s mother.  Conversely, Ruby Lane was named after the mom of co-founder Tom Johnson.  The other half of the partner, Jim [...]

Guerrilla Marketing Tips For 2014

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Guerrilla Marketing Encapsulates the Entrepreneurial Experience   Guerrilla marketing is one of the most satisfying components of business, and it encapsulates just about everything in the entrepreneurial spirit.  With guerrilla marketing, success generally comes from tenacity.  That, and creativity.  In fact, guerilla marketing often marks the point at which the two meet.  IT involves a [...]

Guerrilla Marketing For Small Business

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Think outside the Cage   Guerrilla marketing is all about winning with your mind.  Instead of paying for exorbitant ad campaigns, guerilla marketing means coming up with your own creative way of getting attention for your small business.  You can mount some guerilla campaigns upon startup, or if you’ve been up and running for a [...]

Alternatives to EBay: Liquidation.com

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  Selling returned goods can turn a profit   Recently, we took a look at alternatives to EBay that can meet your online marketplace needs.  In this post, we’ll feature one in particular, Liquidation.com.   Liquidation.com is an auction site with its own particular niche.  The items on the site are products that have been [...]