Best 2014 eBay Alternative: eCrater


ECrater is an interesting alternative to eBay, a streamlined, simply designed online marketplace and ecommerce tool as well.  The marketplace, where customers would go to browse, carries a 2.9% fee for items sold.  Sellers can choose whether or not to pay marketplace charges for better placement in search results and in browsing.  If one goes […]

The Anti-persona: Define What Your Business is Not

The Anti-persona: Define What Your Business is Not

Filling a negative space can be a positive for your business Anti-pasto is the first dish of an Italian meal, just before the pasta: maybe olives, prosciutto.  Anti-matter is precisely opposite of matter: it and matter annihilate one another.  But what is an anti-persona (otherwise known as an anti-buyer persona)? An anti-persona, an idea that […]

Best 2014 Alternatives to EBay: Amazon

amazon blue computer screen

Have you heard of Amazon?  You’ve heard of it, but that may not mean you’re familiar with its options for sellers, ways it can work as an alternative to EBay. You probably know that products other than books and DVD’s are available on Amazon, and that couldn’t be more true.  You can sell shampoo, dolls, […]

Guerrilla Marketing For Small Businesses

guerilla marketing green activists

Win With Your Mind. Guerilla marketing is all about winning with your mind.  Instead of paying for exorbitant ad campaigns, guerilla marketing means coming up with your own creative way of getting attention for your small business.  You can mount some guerilla campaigns upon startup, or if you’ve been up and running for a while, […]

Your Small Business Should Avoid Location-Based Social Media Marketing

location based marketing, iphone with location flag on it

Location-oriented services such as Yelp and Foursquare are scuffling to stay relevant, while titans like Facebook and Google  are challenging the location game.  Thus, a  renewed clamor for small businesses to marshal location-based social media in their marketing campaigns. But none of this hype will be good for your bottom line. Recent research shows that a mere 12% of […]

Why Promotional Product Marketing Works

promotional products

Proponents of promotional products (many of them members of that industry) have no shortage of enthusiasm for these items, sometimes nicknamed schwag. I’m talking about little widgets bearing a company’s name: key chains, bath mats, coffee mugs, gloves, hats, flash drives, golf tees: you get the idea. The draw of these is your brand immersing […]

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns That Inspire

Inspiring guerrilla marketing, man strangely dressed

Here are Some Campaigns to Fuel Your Imagination. I don’t blame you for being a bit intimidated by guerilla marketing.  It can be a very abstract concept and it’s easy to think it’s for people with some amazing imagination.  But being an entrepreneur is all about leaping out of one’s comfort zones, taking risks.  Be […]