Higher Conversions: 5 Landing Page Optimization Tricks

In marketing, the term “conversion” means someone has bought something from your company. More specifically, if someone arrives at your website and converts, they have purchased one of your products or utilized one of your services. It stands to reason that you want to get conversions from as many potential customers as possible who visit your site.

You might hire a great digital marketing agency in Utah if you’re unsure how to get conversions. You may also hire a full-time SEO specialist to do the job if you feel that you can afford one.

Either way, it pays to know some landing page optimization tricks that are more likely to get you the sales you want. Let’s talk about a few of the best ones right now.

Include a Strong Call to Action on Your Landing Page

When you create a website for your company, you want to have calls to action on its various pages. There’s nowhere more crucial to have a call to action than on the landing page, though.

A call to action tells a site visitor what you want them to do. There should be no ambiguity about that. You don’t want to sound like you’re ordering them around, but at the same time, you should make clear what action you want them to take.

Mention What Your Company Does on the Landing Page

Some companies are not explicit enough about what it is they do. Make clear on your landing page what your company is all about. Whether you’re a law firm, sell packing materials, or whatever else it might be, make sure you tell your potential customer on the landing page what your business entity can do for them.

Include Social Media Buttons on the Landing Page

Social media is a stellar tool that can get you a lot of conversions. If someone isn’t quite ready to buy something from you when they visit your website, getting them to follow you on social media might be the way to convince them.

Because of this, it makes sense to feature social media buttons on your company’s website landing page. You will want to have those above the fold, meaning that the site visitors can click on these buttons and follow your business without needing to scroll down at all. Hopefully, after they’re following you on social media, conversions will come once the would-be customers familiarize themselves with your company.

Feature Videos, Pictures, and Slideshows

Potential customers like visual elements. You can take advantage of that by featuring compelling videos, pictures, and slideshows on your landing page. Use original pictures and videos only, and no stock images.

Feature Relevant Keywords in Your Landing Page Copy

Keywords are what drive possible customers to your landing page, and it’s keywords that let them know they’ve come to the right place when they arrive. Feature keywords having to do with your niche in your landing page copy. You can find out which ones matter by using SEO analytic tools.