Ways ATS Software Makes Your Job Much Easier

There’s nothing more overwhelming and disorganized for many companies than having to go on a hiring spree. Of course, you want the best employees for the job, but heavily populated areas can see hundreds of applicants pour in at once.  This can be jarring, and without the right system, you could easily end up choosing the wrong candidate.

These are the top reasons every company should invest in Applicant Tracking System software to make the right choice.

You Can Gather All Applicants In One Space

There’s nothing as helpful as getting to gather every applicant in the same space.  This gives you the chance to see how many applicants you have for one job, look at what type of people are applying for specific jobs, and how many people are interested in your company.  If you were gathering applications the old-fashioned way, you would have to go through each application one by one to find the right match: meaning you may overlook a winner.

It’s Easier To Weigh The Options

When every applicant is laid out like this, it gives you a better chance at finding the perfect employee.  You can look at which employees have completed college, which are still in school, and even which have been working in this field for ten years.  ATS software cuts out the time and effort you would have to put into creating a spreadsheet and allows for you to look at each employee based on whatever criteria you need to be filled.  

You Can Filter By What You Can Afford

Unfortunately, even though most companies cherish their employees, they can’t afford a worker who wants to be paid a thousand dollars an hour.  This should be obvious, but sorting with a budget in mind means you can look through only those within your price range.  Although you can still look through more expensive workers and try to bargain with them on their rate, many candidates are becoming less flexible about what they want from a future workplace.

Far Easier To Send Out Mass Emails

When you have information gathered in this way, it’s far easier to send out mass emails.  This could be to let candidates know they didn’t get the job or notify those that suit the company that they’ll need to schedule an in-person or online interview.  This saves the company time from sorting out possible employees and emailing them each one by one.

Pay Attention To Fake Applications

Every couple of years, a job-application trend will go around where people send false resumes or lie on them based on a ‘very hirable’ template they found online.  A good ATS software will help you catch patterns in fraudulent applications and discard these.  Unfortunately, although these applications may sound great, you can’t trust anything else that an employee tells you if it’s fake.  Instead, it will tip you off on how to stop these fakes and what you can do to avoid them in the future.