Suspending An Employee? When And How To Do It Appropriately

Starting a business and employing the first team member are exciting steps for most people. Inviting someone to share your vision and be a part of your idea is both a huge and daunting step. However, hiring the wrong person may have a negative effect on your production line's growth. 

When you hire a team member, you must make sure they understand your standards, vision, and culture. There are also a lot of legal obligations you need to comply with as a business owner.  

For most people, getting the first team member can be a challenge. That said, it's important to understand that with the right hire, it'll be easier to expand your production line, leading to increased revenues. 

At times, you might also be forced to suspend an employee and ensure you have a plan for unplanned business costs. This article discusses what you need to know about suspending a team member. Keep reading to learn how and when you can consider making this decision. 

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When To Consider Suspending An Employee

When you suspend a team member, they will be removed from the workplace till further notice. The reasons for this vary. They include: 

Poor Performance 

When a member ignores your business rules or fails to meet the set expectations, you might consider suspending them. However, before making this decision, it's crucial to engage the employee in coaching conversations. You may give written and verbal warnings if coaching still doesn't change their performance. 

The risk of suspension captures the attention of members who haven't been taking given instructions seriously. Actual suspension allows them to reflect on their future in the company and how continued failure to perform may lead to termination. Thus, when the team member resumes work, they will be more determined to meet the company's expectations, improving productivity. 

Serious Misconduct 

This is another reason why you might consider suspending an employee—it’s when they commit serious misconduct, such as threatening or harming others. Suspension will help protect other team members from harm and other issues, which will not only affect your production line but also harm your public image, reducing revenue. 

Additionally, temporarily removing the team member from the workplace will ensure you conduct a transparent investigation, helping guarantee a verdict with integrity. If the team member is there during the investigation, they might manipulate the verdict, which might affect the integrity of your workplace. 

It's important you follow all of the necessary procedures when suspending a team member to avoid any non-compliance fines and penalties. You might visit Stacey Ball's website or any other reliable sources for valuable information on suspending a team member. 

Additionally, it's important to let the involved employee know that suspension doesn't automatically equate to their being guilty. Instead, it's done to allow a thorough review without manipulation and interference. 

Special Situations 

These are scenarios when you are forced to suspend team members because of unique situations. They include times involving pregnancy. As a business owner, you must protect the safety and health of a pregnant team member. However, following the set regulations is important to ensure you suspend them at the right time. 

Another situation you might be forced to suspend your team members is on a medical basis. If a team member has a deteriorating medical condition, you might be forced to remove them from your workplace. This ensures they get the much-needed medical attention they require, helping guarantee they're back to normal health in no time. This will make them feel your business cares about them, which might ultimately boost their productivity and morale. Just remember to ensure you follow all the policies before suspending. 

Tips On How To Suspend A Team Member 

Suspending a team member from the workplace isn't something to take lightly. The following are tips you might consider when suspending an employee.  

Consider Alternative Options 

A suspension will be stressful for the involved employee, who realizes their future with the company might be at risk. Additionally, it might adversely affect other team members and the production line. For this reason, it's important to consider other alternative options before deciding on suspending your team member. 

Technological advancements allow team members to work and collaborate on tasks regardless of their physical location. You can utilize remote working to ensure that team members can still work on your production line, especially if the reason for their possible suspension is a geographical one. This guarantees you will still be able use their skills, improving business productivity. 

Another option you might consider is putting them under supervision. The supervisor will ensure the team member follows all the set rules and regulations while in the workplace, reducing the chances of future infractions. Another one to consider is changing their working hours. That said, it's also a decency to make sure the new working schedule doesn't negatively affect their work-life balance. 

Notify The Team Member 

If there's still a reason to suspend an employee, inform them beforehand before implementing the decision. When notifying your team member, include crucial information such as reason(s) for and duration of the suspension, among other details. Including guidelines a team member should observe during the suspension is important as well. These include staying away from company premises and systems until further notice so that they're not violating any rules and worsening their situation.

One of the best ways to notify the team member is through writing. Documenting the suspension and referring to it whenever needed will be easier.  

Be Timely And Consistent With Your Decisions 

This is another tip to ensure the suspension is done appropriately. When conducting the investigations, ensure they're done promptly and consistently. In addition, ensure fairness when rendering decisions.

If a team member feels the decision wasn't made fairly, this may lead to a discrimination claim, affecting your workplace culture. Also, ensure the suspension follows the time stated in the document to avoid possibly frustrating your team members.  


Some situations require the suspension of a team member at work. At times like this, it's important to conduct enough research to avoid misinformed decisions, which might affect your reputation. Additionally, it's important to follow all the set rules and regulations to implement a respectful and justified suspension.