Section 321 Probably isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

container ports

With the change of administration in the U.S. in 2021, many American domestic businesses—and some from throughout the world—watched to see if the U.S. imposed trade tariffs would be lifted on China.  However, the tariffs remain in place which means that Section 321, a regulation that pertains to imports, is here to stay. On the … Read more

The Haredi Digital Sector in COVID-19 Times

2 children with covid protection masks

Lately, it seems the Coronavirus has managed to make the internet a legitimate thing in the Haredi society, which up to not long ago was very split about its legitimacy. How did things turn out this way, and is it going to stay like that even after the crisis? David Galperin sets things straight, regarding … Read more

Best Ways to Use CBD Oil Tinctures

cbd oil tinctures

It often happens that people mix CBD oil and tincture. Although both represent a liquid form of cannabidiol and even have a similar texture, they differ in some crucial things. You can find out more about them at this link. CBD tinctures are known remedies used in alternative treatments. Today, it has become one of … Read more

How Can You Fight Common Data Breaches?

hacker keying on keyboard

Data breaches are a common problem, and people and businesses of all sizes can be affected. Basically, a data breach occurs when sensitive information is released to people who should not have it. So, as you can see, data breaches are a threat that should be taken seriously. If you are on the internet, you … Read more