Moving Abroad: An 8-step Guide for Entrepreneurs

The decision to permanently move to a new location, let alone a new country, is not an easy task to make. But for some people, perhaps it’s the best decision they could ever make. Nobody can successfully move without proper preparation and expectation setting, especially if you have

kids or an actual family that will be affected by that change.

However, let me tell you this from the very beginning, it’s not wrong to want to move out, or migrate even. It will only be wrong if you don’t take the time to prepare for it properly. So in this article, I’ll be showing you an 8-step guide to be able to do just that in a systematic and careful way.

Step 1: Pick your new home.

Of course, the first thing to think about is where you’ll be moving to. If you intend to move abroad, there are several factors that could affect that choice. First, do you speak that country’s language? If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that like me, you’re a fluent English speaker or even an actual native.

Fortunately, there are a lot of countries that speak English, however, there are countries that don’t. This won’t be a problem if you can speak their language. But if you can’t, you must be willing to put in the time and effort even before you leave to learn as much about it as you possibly can.

Another thing to consider is the climate. If you are used to a particular climate, then perhaps it would be a big change to move into the tropics where the seasons are chained to dry and cold, or wet and dry. You must also understand the economy of the area to know just how much money you need to bring with you to have a relatively comfortable life in your new country of choice.

Step 2: Discuss the move with your family.

If you’re moving by yourself, you can skip this step. However, if you intend to bring your partner and kids with you to permanently migrate, they need to be in the know, and they, of course, must have to have a say in all of this. Communicating your intention to move is also important for them to set their expectations and will help you know when exactly you can move abroad.

Step 3: Take care of business.

As an entrepreneur, going out of the country might mean you have to leave or give up your business. I have to tell you now that it will be close to impossible to attempt to operate your business long-distance. It’s just like generally speaking, long-distance relationships won’t work.

While you do have the choice to simply step down and hand the business over to a business partner or find someone else internally to continue your job, it's not always ideal. Maybe you’ve built this business all by yourself and feel like you need to get the best value for doing that, then the best way to do this is to hire a business broker.

Fortunately, it’s no longer difficult to find such a professional. Just by typing “business brokers near me” in any search engine, you’d be good to go.

Step 4: Apply for Visa.

Now that you’ve taken care of things on your end, it’s now time to apply for a visa. Applying for a visa may be tricky depending on where you're from and which country you choose to move to. Regardless of your situation, applying for a visa certainly takes time, so it’s better to do it at least 3 months before your departure date.

Step 5: Buy a plane ticket.

Buying a plane ticket is a simple task but something that cannot be forgotten. Be sure to have all the necessary information and passports for this to happen. Book your flight in advance to save money.

If this is going to be the biggest move you’ll ever make, then why not spend a little bit more if you can? Forego the budget carrier and opt for a fancier one to also allow yourself and your family to relax a little bit before starting a new life in a completely different place.

Step 6: Find an actual place to stay.

While you may have chosen the country to live in for probably the rest of your life, you also need to specify which area you will actually live in. Do your research and understand the real estate market in your country of choice.

Step 7: Pack for the move intentionally.

While there may be a lot on your plate when preparing for the move, you must not forget how important it is to pack for the trip. However, this does not mean you’d be placing all your things in big bags and boxes and just go. Intentional packing means packing only what’s necessary.

At this point, I’m assuming that you’ve already chosen where you will be staying, which means, you already know what kinds of weather to prepare for. By now, you should also know the size of the place you’ll be staying and figure out if you still need to bring the huge headboard your grandparents gave you during your wedding and whatnot.

Hold a moving-out sale or talk to neighbors, friends, and other relatives about which items they may want to keep. Apart from necessary clothes, you may also choose what other items you can feasibly bring and lug around when moving.

Finally, you'll want to get in touch with long distance movers to execute the move smoothly.

Step 8: Settle Down

Now that you’ve finally moved, allow yourself and your family to explore the area and familiarize yourselves with the crowd. Find a job or check your options for starting a new business. After all, a successful entrepreneur should not be tied down to just one location.

Moving out of the country is a big life decision that not everyone could take. Hence, this involves months, or maybe even years, of planning before you can make it happen. So don’t worry, take things one step at a time. Trust me, you’ll get there soon enough.