Humanity Vs. Technology | a Social Dilemma

Technology has an impact on how people interact, learn, and think. It benefits society and influences how individuals connect regularly. Today’s civilization is heavily reliant on technology. 

It has both beneficial and bad consequences on the planet and has an impact on people’s everyday lives. We live in a time where technical breakthroughs are frequent. Cell phones and the internet are two examples. However, like with all technical breakthroughs, there is a drawback.

This article aims at developing your understanding of how technology affects society, both positively and negatively. Do read on to find out more.

Positive Impacts of Technology


How technology impacts learning is one element of technology that has had a significant impact on society. It has made learning more dynamic and collaborative, allowing people to better engage with the content they are studying and having difficulty with. It also improves your access to resources. 

With the invention of the internet, we now have access to knowledge 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can find nearly anything online. Students can take quizzes and examinations more readily, and professors may organize highly effective online classes. It also broadens the scope of the classroom by encouraging self-paced study.


Another way technology has influenced society is through communication, namely how people converse and interact with one another throughout the world. Technology has greatly influenced communication through the introduction of several ways to communicate. For example, there is mail, social networking, the ability to video call someone on the other side of the planet, and video conferencing, which allows you to have conferences online.


Technical developments in the health business have helped to keep individuals healthy and safe. There are numerous innovative applications on phones that allow users to monitor their weight, calorie consumption, heart rate, and other health aspects at any time of day. There is improved treatment accessibility, a shift in healthcare that includes benefits for the aged, and hospitals that use sophisticated technology in their operating rooms.


Technology has a significant influence on organizations, both in terms of updating old items and discovering new ways to manufacture things. Businesses gain from technology because it enables them to create in greater quantities, produces more consistently, and be more cost-effective.

Using machinery to mechanize or automate elements of the manufacturing process increases productivity. This means that a company may either lower its pricing to stay competitive or improve its profit margins. With technology advancements in manufacturing, you are assured that your investment in valve-gate injection molding will prove beneficial to you and your organization.

Negative Impact of Technology on Society

However, research suggests that mobile communication has a detrimental impact on people’s ability to be sociable and make face-to-face contact. There is less personal time, and you may find that you do not have enough time for yourself since you are constantly in communication with someone. It may also be distracting from your studies.

There is also a breach of privacy since anyone, at any time of day, may locate you. Our lifestyles would not be as complex if technical developments had not occurred. Today’s human behavior is shaped by technological factors.

A Documentary

A new documentary that went viral in 2020, warns audiences of the sociological and psychological difficulties caused by large internet firms’ products and practices through testimonials, dramatized scenarios of family life destroyed by social media, and data on topics like mental health and suicide rates.

The video includes interviews with former leaders and workers of major technology companies. They all utilize their roles in the documentary to voice their worries about the ethics of the persuasive technologies employed by their previous companies to keep visitors on their sites for as long as possible to sell more advertising. 

The consequences of such practices range from harm to users’ mental health, social media addiction, and overexposure to edited and filtered images that distort users’ self-image to the dispersion of disinformation and fake news, potential risks to democracy, and extreme political divisiveness and polarization.

What you Should Know

While certain kinds of technology may have had a good impact on the world, there is also evidence of technology’s detrimental consequences and abuse. Social media and mobile devices can cause psychological and physical problems, such as eyestrain and trouble concentrating on critical activities. They may also lead to more significant health issues like depression.

Overuse of technology may have a greater influence on growing children and teens. Social media, for example, is intended to bring people together, but in certain situations, it may have the opposite impact. Handheld tablets, cellphones, and laptops can retain a person’s attention for extended periods. 

This may cause eye strain. The decline of vision and dry eyes are two symptoms of digital eyestrain. Eye strain can cause discomfort in other parts of the body, such as the head, neck, or shoulders.

The Bottom Line

Technological advancements have been going on for a while now. Although for the major parts of industry these advancements have greatly improved our lives, they have not come without a downside. Borrowing all the details mentioned above, it would be safe to say that although we might need technology in our lives, it would be wise to moderate the amount of time we spend on it.