Essential Tools For Any Gas Engineer Business

Whether you have plans to set up your own gas engineer business or you’re just starting out with an existing firm, there are certain tools you’ll find most callouts require.

Making sure you’re well equipped will help you work as safely and efficiently as possible.

It pays to do so too. The UK’s gas industry is among the world’s most closely regulated thanks to initiatives such as the Gas Safe Register, and you’ll want to give customers full confidence that you’re up to the job.
Find a checklist of essential tools for gas engineers below.

Adjustable spanners

You’ll want an adjustable spanner to loosen and tighten nuts, bolts and other fastenings. You could also invest in a set of spanners in different sizes, but one adjustable tool will be more convenient.

Allen keys

You know those handy tools that come with flat-pack furniture sets? Allen keys are a must for gas engineers as many taps and shower heads are fitted with screws that can’t be turned without them. It’s worth investing in a range of sizes to be on the safe side.


As well as a variety of other uses, blow torches can help you create a watertight seal in plumbing applications. Look for a tool with an adjustable flame as they provide greater control and accuracy.

 Gas meter box key

Whether for readings or maintenance, you’re likely to need to access gas meters on a regular basis. Owning a universal gas meter key will save you relying on customers to do so.


Hacksaws are another hand tool that’s worth having in a few different sizes to suit different tasks. Common uses include cutting pipes and bolts.

Pipe bender, cutters and wrenches

Whether bending and cutting pipes or removing bolts, all these tools will help you save time and work accurately with pipework in tight situations.

Pressure tester

If you don’t fancy a surprise soaking, it’s well worth adding a pressure tester to your toolbox. This way you can test the water, so to speak, before making any incisions in pipes.


From cupboards to lofts and underneath floorboards, you’re likely to find yourself in some shady spots as a gas engineer. The humble torch will come in handy in all of them. Consider buying a head torch to free up both of your hands.

Tool storage

With all these tools and more, you’re going to need something convenient for storage and transportation. Tool bags and boxes come in several styles and most feature separate compartments to help you keep everything organised.

You may well extend your arsenal of tools over time as you specialise in different areas of work. For now, are you missing any of these key items?