Beyond Conventional Advertising: 10 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

Small business owners choose less-conventional ways of advertising their company to save time and money.

Reviewing opportunities for spreading the word helps the business owner find services that are more affordable and won’t exceed their marketing budgets.

Several techniques are available to small business owners that present few to no costs.

Reviewing 10 marketing strategies for small business owners helps companies learn new ways to attract a wider audience and achieve great success in their industry.

1. Indirect Marketing Opportunities

Indirect marketing opportunities spread the word about the company long after events and giveaways.

Novelty items, such as coffee cups, t-shirts, and tote bags, provide the name of the company and contact information.

The more the customer uses the items, the more exposure the company receives.

Film sheeting is a great option for spreading the word, and business owners use it to wrap prizes for visitors at trade shows.

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2. Sign Up for Forums and Share Your Experiences and Expertise

Signing up for forums gives business owners the time to share their experiences and expertise with others.

The forums allow users to post questions and concerns for professionals in a variety of industries.

Business owners use the outlets to provide customer service to potential customers and attract more clients to the business.

A signature at the end of the posts gives viewers contact information for the company and the URL for its website.

3. Work on Expanding Your Personal Network

Expanding the business owner’s personal network gives them more access to prospective partners.

A beneficial strategy is to get existing friends and partners to introduce the business owner to new people in the industry.

An easy way to expand the network is a private party for current friends and partners.

The friends and partners extend invitations to individuals they know that the business owner hasn’t yet met.

It’s an easy and entertaining way to expand the owner’s network of connections and find new business ventures.

4. Host Live Events on Social Media

Hosting live events on social media gives business owners time to address their followers directly and have an open conversation.

It’s a great choice for new product releases and explain why consumers will want to buy the products.

Product demonstrations attract a lot of viewers and increase sales volumes.

Small business owners host live events at least once a week to attract more followers and present new items to existing customers.

5. Use Contests and Giveaways to Boost Interest

Using contests and giveaways boosts interest and attracts more potential customers to the business.

Games and contests on social media are helpful for small businesses and keep followers engaged.

Increasing awareness of the company and its products attracts more customers and gets them to make a purchase.

Giveaways and contests offering extra items for purchases increase sales volumes quickly. Consumers love taking part in contests where they can win something extra.

6. Touch Base with Clients Frequently

Touching base with clients frequently helps business owners serve the customers better and determine if the customers need more products. Interacting with customers regularly makes customers feel appreciated and important to the business owner.

It gives the business owner time to discuss new products that interest the customers.

The company shares important details about when the products are available and how much the products cost.

7. Join Online Groups

Joining online groups gives the business owner connections to other businesses and potential partnerships.

Small-business owners who need help from larger companies post questions about the industry.

Free advice from larger companies helps smaller businesses get help when it’s needed.

The advice might help small business owners make better choices about their company and attract more customers.

For example, advice about e-commerce websites helps small businesses get more out of the websites and close more sales.

8. Post on Social Media Every Day

Posting on social media every day helps the business get more attention from followers.

The posts provide valuable information about the company, its products, and its services.

Interacting with followers frequently helps companies attract more customers and answers vital questions for customers.

Business owners who use more than one social media platform keep the pages consistent and use branded materials, such as logos and slogans.

Posting during peak hours gets the most responses and improves the company’s public image.

How the business owner responds to customers says everything about the business.

9. Use Email Marketing Strategies

Using email marketing strategies helps the company spread the word to customers who opted in for marketing materials.

Each time a new product is available or there is a new event, the company sends a new email.

Automation software makes the process easier for companies and sends out emails according to the business owner’s schedule.

Business owners control the message on the emails and updates the information as needed.

It is an effective way to attract more customers to sales and promotional events. Email marketing increases awareness of the company and its products.

The strategies help customers keep up with items they want or wish to purchase later.

10. Host a Public Event

Hosting a public event gives the business time to get to know local customers who are interested in the business and its products.

The right setting gives visitors food and refreshing beverages.

Everyone enjoys a relaxed environment and speaks about subjects of interest. Business owners set up demonstrations for their products and show prospective customers how the products work.

It gives customers time to review products and decide about the company.

The events are more likely to attract a wider audience if advertised correctly, and social media gives businesses an immediate outlet for free advertising and attracting a larger crowd to the event.

Small-business owners need proven strategies that attract more customers to their companies. Free and low-cost advertising options offer great ways to get started and spread the word faster.

It’s unnecessary to spend a lot to attract customers.

Following marketing tips for small companies helps owners achieve their objectives and increase their client base quickly.