How ICC Property Management Started & Scaled Their Property Management Business

A lot goes into making a company successful, and it doesn’t happen all by itself or overnight.

It takes consistent effort and hard work to put lots of small pieces together to make a big picture out of it.

ICC is one of the most quintessential examples of this growth. It is an industry leader that manages premier properties in Toronto. The company was started in 1922, and here’s how it achieved the status as the market leader-

Preference of values

ICC Property Management believes in core values of integrity, dedicated commitment, personalized care, and the utmost attention to the needs of the customer, even if it means going above and beyond.

They promise this and stand up to their promise of doing so. Since the very establishment, ICC stands for Integrity Commitment and Care.

Staff quality and management

For every good company to sustain, it needs to have proper control that knows what it’s doing and who they have hired. ICC has got one of the most skilled staff with a diverse skill set that serves each kind of customer to their personal best capacity.

With their personalized approach and one of the best staff, they are the best option in Toronto to buy property from. Their intellectual and honed management skills are quite evidently present in every meeting you take with them.


They have an extensive portfolio and have become more resourceful since their establishment. It is a diverse variety that they carry with them in the collection — everything from small townhouse complexes to high-rise buildings in some of the most affluent areas in Toronto. So, your search for a suitable property will end as soon as you visit them.

They are not only dependable in terms of the values and ideas they foster in the culture of the company but also in terms of the resources they use and the capability they hold to do so.


It is essential to uphold your principles and be honest and faithful at what you do. A lot of companies have been a long way in maintaining the values that they initially carry, but they get worn off.

Credibility is one of the essential checkpoints that a company needs to stick through, and ICC has been successful in doing so all through the years that have passed. They claim to have credibility second to none in the industry, which is to say a lot in terms of a promise.

Their drive to work

To uphold their promise and live up to their high standards of relationships with their clients, ICC does not need corrupted motivation. The trip to be better has been instilled in the employees ever since. They believe in maintaining an exceptional company culture and lead by example.

They, thus, also encourage positive change through best practices and standards of excellence that have been unmatched by any in the industry. ICC is looked up to for these qualities and taken guidance from, regarding the same proving its position in the industry.