10 Best Online Businesses to Start in 2014

There are numerous business opportunities for all of us who want to start a business online. In any case if you happen to be one of the people who are interested in becoming internet based entrepreneurs, keeping yourself up to date on the current technological trends is a must do thing, in specific you must keep yourself up to date with information technology (IT) and internet services.

You will realize that there are numerous business ideas that you can turn into best online businesses to start in 2014. If you want to establish your business today, there is need to update yourself on potential business opportunities. The following list has outlined a number of businesses ideas that you can turn into profitable ventures right over the internet in the coming year 2014.

1. Developing mobile applications

More people are using Smartphone for communication and other daily activities. On the other end, the use of tablet computers is on the rise of late; the much awaited Google glass will increase internet mobility. Internet marketing is one of the most mobile industries ever. This means that the demand for mobile applications is on the rise over time thus the demand for these applications in 2014 will be more than it is in the current year. Mobile applications are one of the best online businesses to start in 2014.

2. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Since there are numerous users of internet services these days, there is need for companies to protect their image over internet so that they can protect their brands. In a day there can be several mentions of a company over the internet and some of these mentions can be negative thereby spoiling a company’s good reputation. In order to protect the company from negative mentions, companies usually employ online reputation management personnel to promote their brands online and protect them from negative mentions.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO) services

One of the most important aspects of internet marketing is search engine optimization which helps to improve a websites visibility by improving its page rankings by search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Due to the increased use of web services, it is becoming more challenging to improve a company’s page rankings and this has created high demand for reliable SEO experts. By driving more traffic to the website a company will get more sales due to increased popularity. Starting a high quality SEO service remains best online businesses to start in 2014.

4. Social media marketing services

Social media marketing is an untapped online business marketing and promotion opportunity that has taken center stage in search and mobile marketing. It can be used by industries, companies, and also individual businessmen to promote new business brands/or products. A good example of the most commonly used internet sites in social marketing includes, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, facebook, YouTube etc.

Social media advertising is best for individuals who have sharp taste for social media and online promotions; it is one of the best businesses you can start in 2014. Social media is one of the best ways that you can pass on information to a large number of people hassle free, this means that it can lead to failure or success of a business. Companies are relying more on social media adverts as days go by.


If you are interested in this business, you may need to conduct thorough research on how social media works before try out various ways of increasing visibility of your client’s company across all platforms. To attract more customers you need to establish an excellent website that can be easily accessed by potential customers. You may as well offer free services at first to increase your client’s confidence in your services.

As time goes by, many companies are appreciating the ability of social media to pass out information to large number of people thereby making it one of the most essential components of marketing in the modern times and times to come. Very little capital is needed to establish this business, however, it needs a lot of effort to attract clients and create confidence in your ability to deliver.

5. Creating content and marketing

Content marketing plays a vital role in internet marketing. If you have passion to write and love carrying out research in order to make your content useful through engaging your potential audience, this business idea might be one of the best online businesses to start in 2014. You can start this with a relatively low investment as well.

6. Virtual office assistance

All businesses have been created to generate profits for owners and in line with this, businesses lay special emphasis on tasks that promote their company’s productivity and profitability. To enable them execute these tasks, at times they are in need of virtual assistants to whom they can remotely assign jobs and make their production process more efficient. There are numerous types of virtual assistance including customer service, marketing, accounting, encoding and design. You can offer virtual office assistants as a service. Your job will be to go out and build a team of virtual employees for your clients.

7. Business process outsourcing

BPO includes numerous services including research and accounting, telemarketing services, offering support to customers, offering technical support and help desk services. In order to establish this business you will need information technology experts, infrastructures and some BPO skills. To have an edge in this business you may need a partner in a country where you hire most of your people or may be even relocate there. The opportunity for BPO business is immense and hence it has made it on our list of best online businesses to start in 2014.

8. Web development and design

The IT industry is continuously evolving thereby making such services as web development and design undergo continuous changes. In the past one could only access web services via a computer but these day it can be accessed via mobile device, who knows what next? Businesses are in need of designers who can adapt their websites for mobile phone viewing because most users now access internet through mobile phone. Also the widespread adaption of technologies like HTML5 will cause a big increase in demand for web development companies.

9. Website flipping

This means developing a websites and popularizing it before selling it out for at a profit. Just like people buy tangible assets and sell them out at a profit, you can purchase a website and improve it before you sell it at a much better price, which can alternatively be called flipping.

In the real estate industry, house flipping entails buying a house, upgrading it and then selling it at a better price thereby generating more profits. Websites can be sold at a very cheap price yet they are good while at the same time low price may mean they are down. The buyer has to be very careful which type of website they are purchasing. People who are new to website flipping should be cautious whenever they are purchasing websites. In some instances, websites may be sold with copy paste content from affiliate websites thereby lowering the page’s ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. Such websites are generally referred to as “cookie cutter” sites.

You should familiarize with search engine optimization and website design before you start flipping websites. You don’t need to be an IT expert or professional web designer for you to start web flipping but at least you need basic web design skills so that you can be able to identify some of the most common flaws in a website prior to purchase.

This is one of the most ideal businesses for people who are planning to earn fast cash. Note that individuals are always willing to make extra income from AdSense blogs. To get access to such cash you can purchase a blog, improve its page ranking, monetize it then sell it at a handsome price.

10. Cloud hosting

Cloud storage is one of the best ways that one can store their data these days since it is efficient, flexible and scalable. A large number of businesses are turning to cloud storage services for data storage services. Currently there are numerous companies that have established in offering cloud storage services, most of these allow you to resell to people who want to start cloud hosting business yet they lack cloud infrastructure. Cloud hosting is one of best online businesses to start in 2014 and will remain so for a few more years.

I hope you have got some inspiration to get going by reading this article. If you have an online business idea that you think is going to be the best online businesses to start in 2014, let us know in the comments.