You Have 7 Seconds To Make A First Impression: Here's How To Pull It Off Successfully

According to recent findings by Forbes, "Within the first seven seconds of meeting, people will have a solid impression of who you are — and some research suggests a tenth of a second is all it takes to start determining traits like trustworthiness." Whether you're a new hire at a job interview or on a longtime career path that requires you to greet new faces, it's important to make a good first impression on everyone. So, what can you do to boost your business appeal? No matter the industry, here are three tips to help organically charm your work connections. 

Face Value Sets a Good Tone

People often remember their first few seconds of interaction most vividly. A smile, firm handshake, and a short line of goodwill (such as "Great to finally meet you!" or "I look forward to working together!") go a long way. Confident body language supports this first impression, even when the business associate's eyesight is directed at your face.  

Yes, professionalism is crucial, but it's easy to confuse this with solemnity or brusqueness. Your business dealings should be friendly and uplifting - and above all, human. There's a reason people want to work with other people and not automatons. In the modern world of video connection, your face may be all someone sees! Make sure you present a warm, open demeanor that also exudes competence. 

Tidy Organization Shows Preparedness

If you're a natural Type A, you probably already have this one locked down. But for others, it's common to overlook effective organization in favor of good face-to-face contact. Paperwork is one stark reflection of your neatness. Check for font, sizing, spacing, collating tools, and cleanliness. All the little details that go into a document's structure can make a great impression if you harness and present them appropriately. 

Clothing is a big representation as well. Did you choose appropriate attire for the occasion? Are your pants well-fitting and wrinkle-free? When in doubt, dress slightly better than you think necessary; better to wow them with your style than turn them off with a look that's too casual. 

Your office is another place where your organizational capability is apparent. Take the extra step and hire a commercial cleaner, to lend that extra sparkle to the surfaces where you do business. Organization reflects preparedness - something every potential business partner values highly. Tidy up your materials, your environment, and yourself for a clean and streamlined appearance.  

Classic Kindness Creates Lasting Positivity

Old-fashioned politeness makes a wonderful first impression. Try holding the door or elevator button for someone as you move through a building together. Offer them a drink, or pull out a seat before they approach a table.  

These little acts of kindness show positivity without seeming artificial or over-the-top. Plus, a potential business partner who notices your empathy and care will be more likely to trust you to perform a job to their specifications - and recognize that you won't be a steamroller personality.