Wrong behavioral patterns in investing in Dubai's real estate

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular ways of saving and generating money. This is due to the fact that real estate is considered a stable and reliable asset, which can generate income both in the form of rent and in the form of profits from the sale. Buying dubai apartment for sale is a good financial decision that requires considering a lot of mathematical or financial parameters. However, in addition to the financial aspects, there are behavioral aspects to real estate investing that must also be considered.

In this article, we will talk about common behavioral models of foreign investors that may lead to failure in the sphere of Dubai`s investments. 

Rely on emotions 

The first behavioral aspect to consider when investing in real estate is emotion. Investors often make decisions based on emotion rather than rational analysis. For example, an investor may buy a property just because they like its appearance or location, without considering factors that may affect its value or yield. Therefore, it is important to learn to control your emotions and make decisions based on analysis of data and facts.

Validation of personal beliefs 

Some investors follow the tendency to validate their own beliefs. Investors often look for information that confirms their own beliefs while ignoring information that may contradict them. For example, an investor may ignore negative reviews about a property they are considering buying because they want to believe that their decision is the right one. In such a case, it is important to consider all factors and look for information that can help make a rational decision.


Buyers who are afraid to lose all their money opt to procrastinate. Inexperienced investors often procrastinate, hoping for a better time to invest or for better deals to come along. However, this behavior can lead to missed opportunities and lost returns. Buyers need to learn to make decisions in time and act quickly when good offers appear.

Avoiding risk 

The fourth behavioral aspect to consider when investing in real estate is the tendency to avoid risk. Investors often look for low-risk investment opportunities, ignoring the possibility of higher returns at higher levels of risk. It is advisable to learn how to assess the level of risk and make decisions based on the balance between risk and return.

Tendency to groupthink 

One more wrong behavioral model is the propensity for groupthink. Investors often make decisions based on the majority opinion or on what other people are doing. For example, an investor may buy a property just because it is popular with other investors without considering factors that may affect its value or return. To make a proper investment, it is crucial to learn how to make decisions based on your own analysis and evaluation of factors.

Desire to raise status 

Ownership of Dubai`s property is an indicator of economic prosperity for some foreigners. Some of them are pushed by the desire to publicly declare their financial success. As a rule, there is nothing but emotions in such investment decisions. To attract more capital from abroad, the developers in Dubai erect middle-class communities with luxury amenities. In such a way, foreigners can get a mortgage, obtain affordable housing and awaken the senses of self-worth and self-confidence. 

Be inspired by somebody else`s success 

Dubai has been witnessing a boom in the real estate sphere for several years already. Thousands foreign investors buy residential and commercial property in different neighborhoods and make good money. However, their success is the result of profound knowledge, effective investment strategy, rational steps and a bit of luck. 

Investing in real estate in Dubai because of somebody`s success will not lead to the same result even if you repeat the process. Build your own investment strategy, investigate the market, evaluate risks and do not be conducted by greed and adrenaline rush. 

Rational approach to Dubai`s property investments 

Each investment decision should be based on rational ideas. AX Capital in Dubai works to help enthusiastic investors and prevent them from making crucial mistakes. You need to address to the real estate agency for: 

  • Critical evaluation of the current situation on the real estate market.
  • In-depth knowledge of potential profits and examining prospects. 
  • Professional advice on investment with the highest return. 
  • Eliminating emotions. 
  • Developing a successful investment strategy. 
  • A wide selection of winning housing in Dubai. 


In conclusion, we can say that behavioral models play an important role in real estate investing. To make rational decisions and maximize returns, you need to consider your emotions, control your tendency to confirm beliefs, avoid procrastination, assess your level of risk, and make decisions based on your own analysis. All these can be easily achieved if you request for professional help. Learn to implement versatile approaches and you will be successful in real estate investing.