What Types of Service Does an Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency Provide?

Finding qualified job candidates can be a challenge in any industry, but it's especially difficult for companies in the oil and gas industry. Working with a specialized oil and gas recruitment agency is the best way to access top talent in the field and fill open positions fast. Oil and gas recruitment agencies provide four primary services, each of which will be described in some detail below.

1. Talent Acquisition

The primary purpose of any recruitment agency is to source new talent for client companies. It's important to find an oil and gas recruiter Denver businesses can rely on to gain an accurate understanding of the job's requirements and vet candidates carefully. 

Talent acquisition teams should be focused on dedicated disciplines and verticals so they can gain a more detailed understanding of each company's requirements, ensure that projects are staffed on time, and avoid compliance issues. Oil and gas recruitment firms should offer these talent acquisition services:

  • Retained searches
  • Temporary staffing
  • Contractor management
  • Professional searches for permanent hires
  • C-suite, board, and executive searches

That way, oil and gas industry companies will be able to work with the same recruitment firm to meet all of their needs.

2. Global Employment and Relocation

It's not uncommon for oil and gas industry projects to operate across national borders, which means managing international human resources is a commonplace event. Oil and gas recruitment agencies can manage this otherwise challenging problem by:

  • Providing global immigration and visa services
  • Helping with mobilization and logistics
  • Providing relocation management
  • Taking care of payroll and taxation

Performing Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) when applicable

Working with a specialized oil and gas recruitment firm to manage overseas hiring operations can significantly impact a company's bottom line. Outsourcing work like mobilization, logistics, payroll, and taxation save the company a good deal of money and its hiring managers a lot of stress.

3. Managed Solutions and Embedded Recruiters

Oil and gas industry players have likely noticed a recent increase in hiring costs, especially if they work with multiple recruiting agencies. Firms that provide in-house sourcing solutions cut back on costs even in a difficult labor market. Embedded recruitment process outsourcing services allow recruiters to become more engaged with client companies on a long-term basis, making it possible to reduce hiring costs without compromising candidate quality.

4. Consulting Services

Oil and gas recruitment companies are intimately familiar with the industry and with energy labor markets, so it makes good sense to hire their in-house consultants. Recruitment consultants help clients plan their talent pipelines more effectively through:

  • Talent mapping
  • Identification of cost savings
  • Skills assessments
  • Salary rate benchmarking
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Performance management
  • Risk management
  • And more

Hiring consultants won't eliminate the need to work with oil and gas recruiters in the future, but it can help client companies gain a better understanding of their hiring needs.

Find the Right Recruitment Agency

Not all recruiters will be able to offer the specialized services described above. Some of them, such as consultancy services and embedded recruiters, are specific to the oil and gas industry. Finding the right recruitment agency means working with experts who are intimately familiar with the field, so take the time to find recruiters that have the right experience and expertise.