What to Plan for Your Business Trip to London

London is known across the world for its hustle and bustle. It is a popular business destination as there are so many opportunities for companies in the city. With so much going on, you need to plan before you travel there. Here are tips on getting ready for your business trip to London. 

Organise Transport

Firstly, you need to plan how you’re getting to London and how you’re going to get around during your stay. While driving yourself may seem like the best option, as it gives you more control, London traffic is pretty notorious. Plus, you’ll have to think about parking in the city. Public transport might be your best option. The London underground - the tube - is a transit system that can get you across the city. Remember, when booking your accommodation to make sure it's near public transport links. 

Book Accommodation 

What else is important when sorting out your accommodation? Location, of course, is a crucial element but there are other factors to think about. For instance, do you want to cook for yourself? What’s the WiFi situation? The length of your trip will dictate what kind of accommodation you should stay in. A basic hotel would do the job for an overnight stay, but if you’ll be staying in the city for longer it’s worth looking into places where you can feel more at home. You can book a serviced apartment in London to suit the needs of your business trip. 

Packing List

Make life easier for yourself and write a packing list before you travel. This way you can leave for your trip knowing you’re prepared. You want to ensure you’ve got all the equipment you need for work, plus chargers. London’s weather can be incredibly temperamental so pack some layers and an umbrella, plus sunglasses and a light jacket. You also want to ensure you’re bringing your business card. This trip will be a great chance for you to network so you should make the most of the opportunity.  

Explore the City 

When you’re travelling for business, it can be easy to simply go from meeting to meeting and be fully engrossed in your work. Of course, you should be productive and focused on your business trip, but it’s important to give yourself downtime. Make the most of being in one of the world’s most famous cities. Whether it’s checking out London’s food scene, going sightseeing, or even just going to a local cafe for your morning coffee. You don’t want to end the trip feeling like you haven’t seen London. 

Planning and organisation are vital for a successful business trip. You want to feel prepared and ready to make the most of the opportunity. What’s your experience of travelling for business like?