What to know about neutral spirits for beverages

Not all alcohol beverages begin with neutral spirits and have a neutral spirit. This however tends to be an integral base for certain alcoholic beverages. Vodka and gin are two popular drinks which start off with neutral alcohol. The following aims to give you information on neutral spirits so that you can find which kind is the best for your requirements. 

What actually is a neutral spirit?

Neutral spirits are also referred to as neutral alcohol, rectified spirits, ethyl alcohol, rectified alcohol. This tends to be highly concentrated ethanol that is distilled till it reaches a min. ABV of 95%. It has been said that neutral spirits are able to be made from stuff like grains, grapes, molasses, potatoes, as well as other agricultural origins. 

Neutral spirits are said to be neutral in flavor, odor moreover are colorless. You can find some slight “flavor” variations amongst the neutral spirits. 

Neutral spirits are mostly employed to make spirits like vodka as well as gin, as said above. They can be used to “cut” liqueurs and also make bitters. The neutrality of the rectified spirits allows it to be useful in other industries like the food, cosmetic, perfumery, pharmaceutical along with non-alcoholic beverage industry. 

Often neutral spirits made for cosmetics plus perfumes employment possess denaturing agents added to it so as to limit tax and also stop human consumption from occurring. 

Various grades and kinds of neutral spirits

It is important to know that there are various quality grades for neutral spirits. When it comes to the grade of the spirits, this determines what its end employment will be. 

Extra neutral alcohol is said to be the primary raw material that is used for making alcoholic beverages. This is colorless food-grade alcohol which does not contain any impurities. It also does have a neutral smell as well as taste, and often has more than 95 percent alcohol by volume. You can get it from different sources such as sugarcane molasses along with grains. It is employed to make alcoholic beverages like whisky, vodka, alcoholic fruit beverages, etc. 

This type of alcohol is used for beverages and also non-beverage uses. In beverages it is the base ingredient that is used to make spirits like vodka and gin. In cosmetics, it is employed as a preservative, for antibacterial needs, etc. 

Organic alcohol is made with ingredients that are only grown on organic farms. It is processed in some dedicated distillery. The alcohol is free from pesticides and fertilizers often found within its conventional counterparts.

You can find other types like Grain Neutral Spirits (GNS), Grape Neutral Spirits, etc. It is important to buy neutral spirits from a reputed seller so that you can get something of a good quality. Look at the different sellers present and research on them. Have a look at reviews as well. You will definitely want to get the best that is within your budget so that you can produce good-quality products for consumers.