What is a Gate Access Control System & Does My Business Need It?

Readily agreeing to spend more money on efficient business management can be tough, especially for SMEs. However, there is always a positive long-term effect of implementing smart improvements on your business site, and a gate access control system is a case in point. If vehicles are a regular feature of your business premises, then the best gate access control systems could be a great advantage for your business to flourish by making things more efficient for your visitors. 

But what is a gate control system exactly, and is it necessary for your business? Let’s take a look.

What Exactly is a Gate Access Control System? 

A Gate Access Control System or Automated Gate System primarily aims at giving your business a higher degree of convenience and security. This system could be a significant contribution to your business’ broader access control system. 

The operational features of gate access controls systems work in a similar way to most other access control systems. There is a central access control system which is integrated with the electronically controlled gate. Parts of this system usually include a controller, reader, tokens, and dedicated software. 

The gate is unlocked by an electronic signal after approving the credentials. There is a variety of access mechanisms in the market, some of the most popular being touch-free access, fully automated access, and keypad access. Your budget and preferred applications will determine the right access mechanism for your business. 

Benefits of a Gate Access Control System 

From security to smoother operations, a gate access control system can generate a variety of positive results for your business.

Better Operations with Less Interruptions 

Interruptions result in frustration especially if a few vehicles are waiting for their turn and the vehicle right at the gate is struggling with verification issues. On top of that, some vehicle owners have a habit of arguing with security staff, ignoring the frustration they are causing for those waiting their turn. These incidents are not rare and tend to happen more during peak hours. 

A gate access control system operates smoothly, without the queue facing delays and unnecessary arguments.  Everything follows a delicate system most would never challenge. The problem will security staff is that regular visitors sometimes simply love arguing. They will stand their ground yelling at the staff, but nobody will argue with an automatic gate! 

Better Monitoring 

Automated systems lower chances of error, which is a massive benefit for businesses. Any system that relies on manual handling is inherently open to human error and negligence. The latest technology ensures precision and consistency when it comes to monitoring, with the minimum risk of error. 

Significant Contribution to the Overall Access Control System 

Access control breaches mostly begin with unauthorised entry to the premises. For many sites, this all comes down to front gate security. The famous Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist is a prime example of how a lack of proper gate security resulted in one of the biggest heists of all time in terms of the value of the items stolen. 

An effective gate access control system will easily discourage potential thieves from attempting a breach. The chances of being detected at the gates alone can keep the business safe from most possible threats. This greatly bolsters the overall access control system by serving as the front-end defense block. 

Least Chances of Theft 

One of the reasons why businesses suffer from an occasional theft or even a series of thefts is a lack of gate monitoring. With a proper gate access control system, staff and maintenance workers know that the system is monitoring who entered, who left and at what time. This realisation will deter anybody thinking about stealing something, whether a one off or regularly. These issues are all too common for many small businesses and a gate access control system can effectively put an end to such incidents. 

Fewer Security Guards Needed

It is important to note that a gate access control system does not only deal with vehicles’ credentials but also visitors on foot. With these systems, you will need fewer security guards to be present. Verifications are done electronically and the guards can generally stay at a control centre, ready to address any issue or problem. Traditionally, there had to be at least two guards verifying the vehicles and two separate guards facilitating the visitors on foot at each gate. However, electronically verifiable tokens or cards have made life easier. The electronic readers do their job and you do not have to pay so many security salaries. 

Key Takeaways

People love to see innovation, even if many do not feel comfortable with new technology initially. A gate access control system is a great example of how technology can make your business more efficient, more secure, while reducing your expenses at the same time.