What color does yellow and green make?

The two colors that are typically associated with yellow and green are yellow and green. They make up the visible spectrum, and their color is determined by the amount of red, green, and blue that are present.

How do u make Brown?

Brown sugar is made by extracting the syrup from dark brown sugarcane. The syrup is then boiled down to a thick liquid, and the water removed. The brown sugar is then whipped into a light and fluffy foam, and then added to cooked food.

What color is make purple?

There is no one color that is make purple. However, some often used colors for purple include blue, pink, and purple.

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What colors make white?

There are five basic colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo. Different circumstances can cause light to reflect off different objects, which in turn creates the rainbow.

Some of the lighter colors like yellow and green reflect a lot of light, while blue and indigo scatter less light. To get a general idea of what colors make white, mix the colors together and see how they look on a white sheet of paper.

What does purple and green make?

There is no single answer to this question since it depends on the specific dyeing process used and the specific surface area of the fabric being dyed.

However, general concepts about how purple and green cause light to scatter and scatter in smaller waves can be learned. The two primary colors are purple and green because they contain a mix of the two primary natural light colors: blue and red.

When light waves pass through a material with a purple or green hue, they scatter in smaller waves than when they pass through a material with blue or red hue.

This is because purple and green contain more of the light red than blue. This means that smaller waves of light are scattered more than larger waves of light.

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How do you make blue?

The two most common methods for making blue are through the use of a blue dye and a blue pigment.

How do you make black?

Different people have different methods for making black. However, some methods used to make black include using a blacksmith, using a dye, or using a dark powder.

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What color does pink and green make mixed?

The color of pink and green mixed together is typically a light green.

What does orange and yellow make?

The color orange and yellow are made from the color orange and the color yellow. Orange is made from the color red and yellow is made from the color green.

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What color does blue and purple make?

Blue and purple make a combined color that is similar to the color of the sky. They are both light blue and light purple.

What colors make peach?

There are many colors that can make peach, including yellow, green, and pink. Peach is typically green or yellow with a few shades of red and orange.

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Is burgundy red?

Burgundy is a color, not a hue. Burgundy is a dark hue, not a light hue. Burgundy is not a color but a group of colors.

How do you make purple?

The process of making purple is simple. First, you need to extract the pigment from the flowers. This can be done by a variety of methods, but the most common is to use a heat treatment.

This will cause the flowers to turn purple. Next, you need to combine the pigment with a base color. This can be done by using a variety of colors or dyes, or by using a solvent. Once the mixture has been assembled, you need to apply it to the object you want to purple.

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What 2 colors make red?

There are two colors that make red: black and orange.

How do you make fuchsia paint?

Fuchsia paint can be made by mixing a fuchsia color with a white color. The mixture will then have to be mixed with a other color to make it the right shade.

What does yellow and blue make?

The colors yellow and blue make a spectrum of colors. The colors are complementary to each other, meaning they are colors that are both on the opposite end of the color wheel. The colors yellow and blue are also the two colors of the sun.


What does yellow and pink make?

The colors yellow and pink are made from the pigment yellow and the pigment pink. Yellow is made from the yellow pigment and pink is made from the pink pigment.

What does red and blue make?

The color red and blue make a spectrum of colors that can be seen in the visible spectrum. The colors are made up of various wavelengths of light that come in different frequencies. These colors can be seen as different shades of blue and red.

What does black and white make?

Black and white make distinctions in light and dark because the two wavelengths have different energy levels. In the visible range, black has more energy than white, while in the near-infrared, white has more energy than black.


What Does Yellow And Green Make?

The color yellow and green are made from the same element, oxygen. They are both made from the element oxygen, which is why they are similar. The two colors are created when light reflects off of a yellow or green object.

What Colour does orange and red make?

The colour orange and red make a visible spectrum of colours, from the lightest red to the darkest orange. The two colours are separated by about 620 nm, or the blue/green end of the visible spectrum.

What does pink and orange make?

Pink and orange are two of the most common colors in the world. They are both light colors that can be used to make things look more bright or colorful. They are also two of the most common colors in the world because they are the two colors that are seen most often in the world.

What colors make pink?

Pink makes a color that is the result of light blending two other colors together. This is because pink is made up of the colors blue and yellow. Together, these two colors make up the color pink.

What does green and blue make?

Green and blue make a spectrum of colors that can be seen in the sky. They can be seen as the colors of the spectrum of light, which is made up of colors like red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The colors can be seen most clearly at the lower end of the spectrum, which is why they are often called the " shorter" colors.

What colors is magenta?

There are many different types of magenta. In general, magenta is a bright orange color, but it can also be red, yellow, or green. In addition, magenta can be mixed with other colors to create unique effects.

What does red and purple make?

They are two colors because they are two of the five basic colors in the rainbow. Red is the most basic color, and purple is the most advanced color.