Top 2014 Alternative to eBay: EAltbay

Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery, which means eBay must feel extremely flattered.  The competition is fierce, and more and more people are selling online.  We’ve been looking at alternatives to eBay, and here’s another: EAltbay.

EAltbay bills itself as offering items not available on eBay.  Not only that, but sellers can accept credit card, checks, bitcoin, you just name it.  Another unique feature of EAltbay is that all feedback given applies to both the buyer and seller.

Online sellers always want to know about the fees for online auction sites and other marketplaces.  The claim to fame for EAltbay is that there aren’t any listing fees—it doesn’t matter how expensive your item is, no fee.  There is an end of auction fee paid by the seller, of 1.6%.

You can set up:

an advanced store for with 50 items, a basic store with 2, or a free store with 1, with other options you can check out at the site itself.

To give you an idea, some of the stores in place as of now are

  • Tacks and Tufts- seller of custom beds with hand-crafted creations
  • Tom’s Video Cache- purveyor of hard-to-find old films
  • The Ultimate Collection- offering baseball and hockey hats, DVD movies and more

Categories include dolls and accessories, music, health and beauty, consumer electronics, cell phones & PDAs, several others, and “everything else.”