Tips For Starting a Computer Repair Business

When it comes to both our corporate and personal roles today, an office is virtually empty without a computer.

Computer repair services are essential in order to keep many offices running. Most business owners and managers do not have the time or skills to keep all computers updated with the newest software and running properly. This is a small business opportunity that you can start anywhere if you have the proper skills and knowledge. Here are some simple steps when starting your business venture:

Although it is not necessary to become certified to start your own computer repair business, this can give you an advantage when it comes to seeking new clients. Knowing that you are fully certified and knowledge on all types of devices and operating systems will make clients feel more comfortable when it comes to purchasing your services. The CompTIA A+ is one of the main certifications that most individuals in the IT world. You can visit CompTIA Certifications for a list of popular and useful certifications.

1. Decide What Your Time is Worth

You will need to establish an hourly rate for your services. Today computer repair does not always mean tools and repairs but services which regard software updates and virus prevention. This is why most people in the industry make money based on the time they spend working on a project. You may want to find out what local competitors in your area are charging for their services in order to find the ideal rate.

2. Determine Your Market

What type of clientele do you want to work with? There is a market for both commercial and residential services. Depending on your knowledge and certifications you may want to choose your clientele carefully.

3. Market Yourself

If you are working as a one man operation it is important to "get yourself out there" and promote yourself and your services. Talk to local business or residents and make them aware of your services and always have a business card on hand to give to potential clients. Online marketing is another great tool for advertising that can easily be done on a tight budget. In this competitive industry you may want to offer an initial service for free, in order to motivate potential clients to start using your services. If satisfied with your work they are sure to call your for future problems.

As long as we continue to advance technologically, the need for computer servicing and upgrades will continue to be in high demand. If you market yourself accordingly and provide quality and professional service you are more likely to get your phone ringing. Great customer service that goes above and beyond is sure to provide to you success in this competitive industry.