Timeless Card Games to Fight Boredom

Are you stuck at home and looking for something to do with your family or friends? Card games are the perfect solution! Not only are they great fun, but they also offer a therapeutic break from everyday life.

The best part is both adults and children can enjoy these games, so everyone in the household can get involved. Whether you're a card game enthusiast or new to them, we've got some timeless classics that will help end boredom during quarantine: read on to discover our top picks!

The Best Card Games to Keep You Entertained

Finding something fun to do can be difficult, especially if you have tried everything already! Fortunately, card games are a true testament that simple pleasures can bring endless hours of amusement. Without further ado, here are some of the best card games to keep you busy for days:


A game that has brought people together is UNO. It's a "modern" version of Crazy Eights with special cards that make the game more interesting. Many people say it has broken friendships, but we can't assume it’s true since it brings nothing but laughter!

The game is simple, and the rules are easy to follow. Using the special cards can change the game and turn the tides in your favor, as long as you use it wisely. For instance, draw the "Wild Draw Four" card and watch the person on your left draw four cards, changing the color to one of your choosing.

UNO is ideal for all ages, so children, teens, and adults can enjoy it. As long as you're lucky and don't get the special cards, especially the Draw and Skip ones, you can get rid of your cards right away. Of course, don't forget to shout "UNO!" once you do!


A traditional card game that's unlike other trick-taking card games is Hearts. Here, you will want to avoid winning tricks or at least tricks that contain unwanted penalty cards. These are cards that come from the Hearts suit since they give one penalty point. Therefore, you'll need to formulate strategies to win.

How to play Hearts:

  • The game is played until a player reaches 100 points
  • Each player receives 13 cards for four-player rounds
  • The player to the dealer's left starts the game with a 2 of Clubs, and everyone must follow suit
  • Any other card can be played if the player can't follow suit
  • Avoid winning tricks if cards from the Hearts suit are played

If you want to win at Hearts, the best way is to play your high cards as early as possible. It will lower your chances of winning tricks that contain the penalty cards. If you want to learn more, play at hearts.land on your browser, and access the game anytime you want without downloading the game on your mobile device!


War is suitable for two people, and it's all about getting all the cards to win. Plus, it has the most straightforward gameplay since all you have to do is to have a higher card value against the opponent.

The game needs a standard 52-card deck divided evenly between the two players. After that, they simultaneously play one card and place it in front of them face-up. Whoever has a higher card gets to take their opponent's card. If two cards have the same value, then that means War.

War is when they both take one card face-up and another card face-down. The card that's face up will determine who wins. For instance, you play a 5, and your opponent plays a 3, then you win, and you get to take the face-down cards, the cards that led to War, and the cards used for the War.


Another game that two players can play is Speed. It's a part of the shedding family of card games, in which players try to get rid of their cards first. Here, the dealer passes two piles of cards to each player, one containing five cards and the other has 15 cards. After that, the dealer makes four piles of cards, with the first and fourth piles having five cards and the second and third piles containing only one card.

How to play Speed:

  • Players get their five-card pile and flip over the second and third piles in the play area.
  • They use these two piles to eliminate their cards by following the increasing or decreasing sequence of the cards in the two piles.
  • After removing a card, they replace it with the top card from their 15-card pile.
  • If no one can play the middle piles, it's replaced by the top card from the side piles.
  • If the side piles are used up, the middle piles are shuffled, and new middle piles are made.

The play will continue until a player manages to play all their cards. Overall, Speed is a quick game with some elements of Solitaire, so you will enjoy this if you're familiar with how Patience games are played.


Last on our list is Rummy. It's a family of melding card games that many people enjoy, and there are different variations available. However, the main objective is to eliminate all cards or score points by making a set or sequence of three or more cards in rank or suit.

The dealer begins to deal cards one at a time to each player until everyone has ten cards. The remaining card is placed in the middle, and the top card is flipped over to become the upcard, which is placed beside the draw pile.

The play begins with the player to the dealer's left, who will draw a card from the middle pile to add to their hand. Afterward, they can lay down their meld and discard a card to the upcard pile. The next player can pick up the card from the discard pile or draw from the middle pile.

Kill Boredom with the Help of Classic Card Games

Ready to have fun with classic card games? Check out the ones on this list and try them on your mobile device or PC. You may also call your friends, family, or partner to play with you. It's always more enjoyable to have someone else join in the fun! These games may become a staple for your weekly game nights or gatherings. So go and try them out now! Have fun and make new memories with classic card games that never get old.