The Story of Jeffrey Epstein: What Do We Know So Far?

If you asked many people to name someone in the modern era who is synonymous with scandal and sleaze there is a fair chance that the name they will put forward is Jeffrey Epstein.

The story of Epstein has all of the classic ingredients of a sex scandal, with a fair sprinkling of celebrities and well-connected people embroiled in some truly shocking stories. There is also the horrendous accounts of the victims that have had their life ruined through a process of manipulation and exploitation.

If any good has come from this sensational story, it is a new era of openness when it comes to talking about and taking action against the perpetrators of sex crimes.

This is has led many to speak with a sex crimes attorney in order to discuss events that should no longer be kept in the shadows. The story of Jeffrey Epstein has definitely raised awareness of sex crimes and inappropriate behavior, so here is what we know about events so far.

Untimely death

There is no doubt that when Epstein was taken into custody in July 2019, having been arrested on charges of sex trafficking, the world’s media was anticipating that a host of famous people, from politicians to celebrities, would be nervously wondering what the disgraced financier would say in his defense.

Having been denied bail, he subsequently died in jail before the trial even reached court, with the official verdict of suicide.

Epstein had pleaded not guilty to a charge of sex trafficking a minor and it is fair to say that a lot of speculation surrounds the circumstances of his death and the fact that a lot of his secrets died with him.

Clues lay in the past

It is not right to speculate about specifics when his former girlfriend and longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell is going through the court process. This may reveal some dark truths about Epstein that certain so-called friends of his may wish had died with him.

What is not disputed is the fact that Epstein was found guilty of a felony charge related to the solicitation of prostitution, related to a minor, back in 2008.

He spent 13 months of his 18-month sentence in prison and was subsequently became a registered sex offender.

Recent events and allegations that have come to light as a result of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and with victims feeling emboldened enough to finally come forward with their story have raised questions about the leniency of that sentence.

The question is whether the position of power and influence that Epstein held in society helped him to receive more favorable treatment than another sex offender might have expected in similar circumstances.

What is not in doubt, is the fact that Jeffrey Epstein “had previous” when it comes to proven allegations of sex offenses, especially against minors.

His indictment when he was arrested listed many charges of sex offenses over a long period of time. The stories surrounding Epstein have named a number of high-profile people who were in the company of the financier when some of these crimes are alleged to have taken place. 

Epstein’s brother has publicly stated that Epstein’s apparent suicide is not consistent with injuries sustained by someone taking their own life. The speculation being that there are public reputations that would be in ruins if Epstein had been made to testify and his suicide helped to keep certain dark secrets buried forever.

Unless Ghislaine Maxwell reveals more about Jeffrey Epstein than we know so far.