Should You Try Standing While Working? These 9 Reasons Say Yes!

The workplace trend of using a standing desk is not new.

Surprisingly, President Thomas Jefferson used a standing desk.

Jefferson would stand for hours while writing important documents like the Declaration of Independence.

Winston Churchill was also a proponent of standing desks. Here are some reasons why the new trend is good for you.


Many workers simply find that it's more comfortable to stand while working.

Experts say it's even more comfortable with the correct desk. The desk should be deep enough so the monitor sits directly in front of you.

The worker should be able to keep their wrists straight and the hands slightly below the elbows.

Visit to shop for an appropriate desk.

Keep items that are used often close eliminating a lot of stretching. Those that talk on the phone frequently should use a headset.

Stay Cancer-Free

Studies show that sitting for long periods is linked to a higher risk of breast and colon cancers.

A study found that prolonged sitting could be linked to over 80,000 cases of breast and colon cancer per year.

Experts aren't sure about the cause but believe it's due to C-reactive protein. This protein is a cancer biomarker and it's found in larger quantities in those with sedentary jobs.

Maintain Your Weight

Standing helps control weight and avoid obesity.

Standing burns more calories than sitting.

In fact, those who stand burn an extra 170 calories per hour. That equates to over 1000 calories per week.

Remember, individuals, lose weight if they burn more calories than they take in.

Scientists also suggest using a standing desk helps one live longer.  Perhaps this comes from the link between being sedentary and certain diseases.

Avoiding Illness

Scientists have studied a link between prolonged sitting and heart disease for decades.

A study from the 50s found that bus conductors, who stand all day, had half the risk of heart-disease as bus drivers.

Indeed, experts say an hour of exercise can't undo the negative impact on the body of sitting all day.

Likewise, standing is beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes. Standing helps to eliminate blood sugar spikes.

Diabetics also benefit from alternating standing and sitting. Other studies show standing helps ease back pain.

There are also benefits for those who suffer from upper back and neck pain.

A Case Study

Evan Donahue worked a sedentary job and hated the way his body got stiff.

He made a standing desk by placing cardboard boxes under his keyboard.

There was one problem with his fix. He couldn't see the monitor as well.

His boss noticed Evan's plight and bought him a standing desk and a phone headset. Donahue says the new set-up has improved his health.

He even takes short walks while taking phone calls. Interestingly, standing desks are the latest benefit trend.

Other Benefits

Not surprisingly, standing desks boost energy levels and improve moods.

A recent study found workers who used standing desks had less stress and fatigue. Many workers are taking advantage of standing to do exercises while working.

One can do squats and side bends when they're on the phone. Desk push-ups and marching in place are also popular.

It's always good to try something new.

Why not try a standing desk and see what it does for you.

Standing rather than sitting can improve your health and mood.

It may even help you live longer.