Safetrading: Callin' the Bluff of Crypto Signals Groups

After having a trading experience that was nothing short of catastrophic due to the Palm Beach and Cryptoland Elite channel signals, two novice traders named Andreas and Sam came up with the idea for Safetrading – a top-level crypto groups reviewer.

The marketplace for cryptocurrency traders and experts is known as Safetrading. It is geared toward people new to cryptocurrency and more experienced investors in crypto assets. You may obtain specific information on cryptocurrency providers, bots, wallets, exchanges, and more by visiting Safetrading. You can also view the results of the independent audits conducted on their operations.

What it Is That Safetrading Provides

When Safetrading started, they only did business with people who traded cryptocurrencies. To do this, they made it easy for individuals to view listings of crypto bots, wallets, crypto exchanges, crypto traders, and other cryptocurrency-related businesses. Recently, they've broadened their offerings to include comparable listings for Forex services.

Besides, their site has enlightening articles covering all of these subjects. In addition, if you are beginning your career as a trader, they are always willing to provide a hand to you. They will, in essence, offer you advice on the services you require.

Statuses Are Available for a Telegram Signals Group to Obtain

The software assigns a status to each trading channel. The following statuses are available to a group if they have provided a comprehensive check.


This indicates that the channel offered access and all of the necessary information. Users can now trade through "authorized" channels thanks to the efforts of the Safetrading team, who examined all of the available data.

Not checked

This indicates that the channel did not supply all the needed information or that the Safetrading team has not yet examined the data. Both of these possibilities are possible explanations. It is not encouraged to engage in trading through these guys.


This badge can be achieved in two ways:

  • This indicates that the administrator: Granted access to the VIP channel, although signals were either stolen or unable to generate a profit
  • The Safetrading team wasn't given access, but they discovered many negative comments, cross-promotions, and other things.

Working with such channels is a terrible idea in every way!


This badge most commonly refers to the profitability of a trader-consultant during the most recent financial reference period. The grade is presented with stars ranging from one to five whenever the Safetrading team does not have exact data on the signals of a particular trader-consultant (one being the lowest rating and five being the highest).

Suppose the Safetrading team has accurate data on the signals of a particular trader-consultant. In that case, that information is displayed as a percentage of profit or loss for the most recent financial reference period.

Communication Level

The standard term for the rating ranges from one to nine (with one being the lowest and nine being the highest). Nine stars – the highest rating, indicates the level of communication with the user, responsiveness, validity of the provided information, support period, and speed of response.

Price Packs

The traditional name for the rating ranges from one to nine (with one being the lowest rating and nine being the highest). That indicates the degree to which the subscription cost corresponds to the level and quality of a service that is provided.

Safetrading Checks

The service provides stringent checks on every provider listed on its website. The primary indicators include:

  • The name of the group
  • A link to the channel, website, or other resources
  • Description of a trading group
  • Support contact information
  • The knowledgeable background of the trading consultant team
  • List of supported exchanges
  • Size of the team
  • Paid subscription fee
  • The total number of participants in the channel
  • The terms for the mid, short, and long signals
  • The number of monthly indications that are sent by the trader-consultant

How Do They Determine Whether Something Is "Approved"?

  • They pay close attention to a great deal of granular information. There are such things as:
  • Gain proportional to the indications a trader supplied during the financial reference period.
  • A significant quantity of backing. A speedy response, help available around the clock, the dependability of the information supplied, high-quality consulting, and so on are all features offered.

Final Thoughts

The only and unchangeable objective of Safetrading is to assist individuals in avoiding the loss of financial capital. They have extensive expertise dealing with various channels, so they can rapidly differentiate between them.