Non-Profit Membership Organizations

Business Non-Profit Organizations with Paid Membership.

These nonprofit organizations offer a wide range of benefits and resources, and they are definitely worth considering. But to take full advantage, you have to be a paid member. Membership dues typically range from $50-$200 a year.

American Business Women's Association (ABWA) The American Business Women's Association provides women business owners with a combination of professional networking, extensive education and training opportunities, and support. Basic membership currently costs $90/ year.

American Management Association This organization is dedicated to helping business professionals learn practical management skills.

BOSS Network The BOSS Network has been recognized as one of the leading websites for women entrepreneurs. It is a women empowerment alliance dedicated to highlighting women and creating opportunities for growth through networking. Membership is paid. There are two levels: basic ("Pink") and black.

National Business Association(NBA) The NBA is a non profit association, dedicated to helping the Self-Employed and Small Business Community. There are several free articles and tools on the site. With a paid membership, small business owners can access support programs, cost and time saving products, services and valuable small business resource materials at huge discounts.

National Federation for Independent Business The NFIB is an advocacy organization dedicated to assisting small and independent businesses. If you decide to become a paid member (Currently membership is $180/yr), then you can additionally receive discounts on many business products and services, attend a series of free webinars, and receive other services and assistance.

National Organization of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) The National Organization of Women Business Owners is a dues-based membership organization (about $150 per year in most cases) that represents the interests of women entrepreneurs throughout America. The site's resource center has several helpful articles and links.

Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) PERI is a nonprofit that offers free risk-management resources online as well as training to small businesses- though a small fee is required.

Small Business Service Bureau(SBSB) a national membership organization serving the small business community. This organization has a good insurance marketplace offering huge discounts on health plans. It has a annual membership fee of $125 if your business has 5+ full time workers.

U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to "transforming the economics of the women's market by shattering barriers that have stifled true and sustainable economic growth, directing expansive learning opportunities, and enabling 360° participation and ownership in an influential, powerful marketplace." Yearly membership for small businesses is $195, giving the business owner access to several valuable benefits, such as health benefits and retirement planning counseling and solutions.

US Association for Small Business and Entrenpreneurship(USASBE) A non-profit professional, academic organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of entrepreneurship via educational, research, and outreach.

Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network Based on a program to help lower income women start and run their own businesses, this membership organization offers numerous, helpful online resources, events, and classes. Yearly membership for a business is $50.