New Frugal Tools For Writing

Here are a couple of tools to help with the written word, a seemingly-small detail, but something you don’t want to bog you down.

First up Letterform dry erase notebooks are just that, notebooks with 30 pages of dry erase technology, to be used with little dry erase sharpies. Say you need to take notes or you like scribbling in a notebook as a way of brainstorming. Not everything you commit to paper really needs to be kept, particularly in the age of so many electronic note-taking technologies. Therefore, rather than killing trees and creating more clutter, you may benefit from re-usable doodling. When you’re done writing, erase and enjoy the clean slate. While this product may not be available for wide release, a good entrepreneur is familiar with the newest tools, so be sure to keep an eye out for this successful kickstarter campaign.

Next up is the 53 pencil, a nifty new stylus of use with the iPad 3 and 4, iPad mini, and iPad Air, compatible with the Paper app. The 53 gives you the tactile sensation of writing with a pen for those who prefer writing to typing. You can actually place your hand right on the device while using the 53 and write from any angle. It also allows for erasing, a pretty nice touch.

The 53 comes in walnut or graphite, and they’ll throw in a battery and extra tip.

So give these a spin and jump on the bandwagon only if they work for you.