Mobile proxy: what it is, why it is needed

In the article, you will learn what 4g mobile proxy is, how it works and why it’s needed. This information will save your time, nerves and money.

What are mobile proxies

Mobile proxies pass through the data flow from the user to the source server and return a response request. But these technologies have several qualitative differences.

Mobile proxies are also called backconnect-proxy. This technology is legally used by telecom operators. Mobile proxies work with many IP addresses as the gadget users send special requests to the server while using devices.

Sometimes the origin servers block the accounts of users who behave unnaturally. The fact is that from all applications on smartphones and tablets they receive not only IP, but also additional information - information about the time zone, network fingerprint of the operating system.

Suspicion can be caused by: a mismatch between the time zone of the application and the IP address, frequent changes in the IP address.

Advantages of mobile proxies

The main advantages of such services can be identified:

  • The resource does not block anything — when you receive many requests from a single IP address, the server may have "doubts". At the same time, there will be no blocking with the help of mobile proxies. 
  • Due to blocking, many "legal" users will not be able to use the sites
  • Convenience, time saving and reliability — the user gets one address. No additional settings, manual changes of programs.
  • Digital sites give users real addresses used by "live" people.
  • Quality and value for money.

Many people think that 4g mobile proxies are needed by those who use illegal methods of promotion in social networks. However, it is not. Mobile proxies will facilitate and simplify the work of almost every digital specialist.

Purpose of mobile proxies

Mobile proxies are useful:

  • advertising specialists —proxies will help analyse competitor sites, requests from potential customers;
  • software developers — creating your own Internet platform will require additional checks;
  • for analysing profiles in social networks, studying your own account;
  • for complete anonymity of their activities on the Internet.

If a user buys mobile proxies, he will not have to think about a possible blocking of his account. Nothing will interfere with the development of a new project or other routine matters.