Lozier Shelving: The Secret Behind its Efficiency

Business owners in the retail industry know how hard it's been in America lately because of the first pandemic in over 100 years.

With Covid-19 effectively shuttering many small businesses, the general outlook has been dim. However, companies are starting to gain back their footing again, and part of that is adapting their strategies to maximize profits. This means making more in the long term by investing in your business. One excellent way to do that, especially for retailers with a lot of merchandise, is with gondola shelves, also known as Lozier shelves.

What is Lozier Shelving?

Though you may not have heard of the term "Lozier shelf" or "gondola shelf," if you’ve ever shopped at a retail store, you’ve seen them. The Lozier brand of shelving is the most trusted and commonly used system for displaying merchandise in the retail industry. They are ideal for maximizing shelf space to create room for more products and, in doing so, increases revenue.

However, purchasing brand new Lozier shelving can cost a lot. A cost-effective alternative is to buy used lozier shelving. You can get the same efficient and durable shelving for a discounted price without sacrificing quality, and you can save your business even more money. Refurbished gondola shelves are still of excellent quality, and purchasing them restored instead of new is becoming a popular choice for business owners.

Advantages of Buying Lozier Shelves

There’s more than one way to increase the profits of your retail business, but having an affordable way to showcase your merchandise better is a great place to start. There are several benefits to installing gondola shelving in your business, and they go hand in hand to offer you a considerable amount of display space and more significant revenues.

Use Accessories for Multiple Configurations

One way that Lozier shelves can increase your display area is by combining them with accessories. Lozier shelving allows you to customize how you arrange your merchandise, so you can put your best items at eye level using the variety of accessories available. You can get wire baskets, hooks, shelf dividers, clip strips, or hanging clips, and those are only a few of the various options.

Versatile and Easy to Relocate

Gondola shelving is one of the most flexible, versatile, and durable shelving available in the retail industry today. It can be installed anywhere in the store to encourage browsing and maximizes the open space in your store. Lozier shelves are available in any height, length, or width, so they're perfect for custom shelving configurations, too. Since it’s also very quick to both assemble and disassemble, Lozier shelving can be moved to other locations in your store with ease, making it ideal for businesses who frequently change their displays and merchandise.

Available in Several Formats

Since Lozier shelves are available in several different formats, there is an option for virtually any retail business that needs shelving units. They come in two-sided aisle units, endcaps, and single-sided units ideal for fitting against a wall. Endcaps are particularly useful for highlighting select merchandise since they are in the prime position most likely to catch a customer’s eye. Another way to maximize the allowable space on Lozier shelving is by using pegboards or hanging metal bars for products that can’t stand up independently.

Lozier Shelves: Efficient, Versatile, and Flexible

For any business owner in the retail industry, Lozier shelving is an investment to consider. It helps business owners showcase their merchandise, maximize available space, and increase sales. It's also versatile, flexible, can be combined with numerous different accessories, and is an affordable alternative to custom built-in shelving that costs a fortune. Invest in Lozier shelving for your business and see the difference it can make!