How to Make Your Business More Eco-friendly

These days there is an increasing societal focus on how our lifestyles have a direct impact on our environment.

Thankfully, awareness around climate change is growing all the time, and we all have a responsibility to do our bit for the future of our planet.
The UK government, for example, has pledged to bring all greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050, claiming it is “pioneering the way for other countries to follow in our footsteps driving prosperity by seizing the economic opportunities of becoming a greener economy.”

And there’s no doubt that the message is getting through. Businesses across all sectors have a duty to do all they can to reduce harmful emissions and create a greener world. The automotive industry is one that has made great strides in the past few years, to the point where sales of electric cars in the UK are surging to record levels.

There is still plenty of work to be done, of course, so what can your company do to improve its sustainable practices? Here are just three ideas.

Implement a recycling scheme

Having a firm policy in place can help employees at all levels to understand exactly what is expected of them when it comes to recycling. Make it clear which materials should form part of the scheme, so that nobody is left in any doubt as to what can be recycled and what can’t. The likes of paper, cardboard and ink cartridges should always be recycled but you can go even further, perhaps by upcycling old furniture for your office or using shredded paper within your packaging.

Ethical investing

When you invest in sustainable and ethical practices, you’re lending your support to assets that are geared towards making a positive impact, so it’s a win-win scenario for all parties. They’ll receive the backing they need to continue their good work, which in turn will only improve the environmental picture over future years. With such a rapidly growing focus on green ventures, not only could you see a return on that investment but you’ll know you’ve helped contribute towards the greater good.

Work from home

Remote working has become common practice in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. While it was unfamiliar and perhaps uncomfortable for many to begin with, attitudes seem to have shifted to the point where the majority are happy to embrace the added flexibility it affords. Of course, one of the major benefits is that it removes the commute, which has a significant effect in terms of reducing pollutants from car travel. Even in a post-pandemic world, a working-from-home policy makes plenty of sense for all kinds of reasons.