How To Get Cheaper Travel On Public Transport

Travelling using public transport can give people a simple way of reaching your destination, where all you need to do is grab your ticket, find a spot or a seat to relax in, and enjoy the journey. One of the biggest obstacles for using public transport can be the cost of tickets, especially on certain routes or when going to popular destinations.

So, here are a few easy travel tips for securing the best price for your journeys whenever you’re next planning a trip, whether that’s via bus or by train.

Book in advance

Prebooking train tickets is probably the most effective way of saving money available to everyone. Checking out the available train times a few weeks in advance of your trip can save you a fair amount on your tickets.

If you’re planning far ahead, then the best ticket prices you’ll find are usually around 12 weeks in advance, as that’s when the early bird tickets are released by travel operators. That way, if you’re more organised with your travel plans, you can make a considerable saving.

Search out discounts and deals

Depending on your destination, you can keep an eye out for special offers on train tickets. Sometimes you can find incredible deals like 2-for-1 offers so that couples can travel away for a romantic weekend together for half the price. The same goes for buses, as there can sometimes be summer promotions to help people take day trips out to neighbouring areas.

If you sign up to the marketing emails of train companies you regularly travel with, you can sometimes also get tailored discounts sent straight to your inbox to save on your next trip with them.

Travel with your group

Although solo travel can be extremely fun and full of freedoms, if you’re planning a getaway with some friends then there are many offers you can use to save together. When you’ve got a bigger group together for a day trip, group tickets for buses and trains can give you a way to collectively save on your travel when compared with all buying individual tickets.

Pick up long-term tickets or travel passes 

There are a wide range of travel passes which can be used to save money when travelling by train or bus. Depending on your age and potential status as a student, among other criteria, you can invest in a Railcard for a year and save up to 1/3 on all the train tickets you buy with it.

Although it can be seen as a larger investment, a yearly bus pass with save you a considerable amount over the course of the year when compared to how much you’d spend on individual tickets. For those who’re getting the train daily, you can invest in season tickets that can cost more upfront but offer a significant saving in the long run. 

Some businesses offer employees the money to cover this initial cost which can then be paid back over the year, meaning there isn’t a significant impact to your pay packet. There are also current plans in the works to make season tickets more flexible and appeal for frequent travellers.

Making the most of each of these saving methods, either individually or in combination with each other, can net you the best prices for your train travel possible – leaving you free to sit back and enjoy the journey.