Get a Free Business Education: 30+ Resources for Free Business Classes and Training

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, solopreneur, or seasoned small business owner, success is a series of learning curves.

Fortunately, you may not have to pay for an expensive business training program to learn what you need to know. Here are 30+ quality resources for a free business education.

These resources come from various places including: government programs, non-profits, educational institutions and organizations, reference sites, and some commercial sites. I chose these resources for the depth, usefulness, and overall quality of the information and instruction provided. If you would like to add a site to this list, then please leave a comment below.

A Word About How to Use this List of Free Business Training Resources

There are many quality programs, courses, webinars, tutorials, and tools available online these days- a lot of them for free. But with so many promising options, choosing where to start and where to direct your time can be difficult- especially since many of the resources listed here have hundreds or even thousands of offerings. Here is what I suggest:

  • Prioritize your needs. First identify those areas you want to brush up on as well as what your overall needs are and list them in order of priority. Choose the top areas/topics to focus on, and limit yourself to three different subjects.
  • Set aside a specific time. All of these courses and materials are designed to be accessed on demand so you can go at your own pace. Set aside a specific time of the day or week for your learning.
  • Evaluate your experience. Many of the same topics are covered by various sites and in a variety of different setups and formats. If one learning situation isn't working out, try another.