Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Learn How to Spy on Your Competitors' Facebook Ads Instead

Dealing with online competitors and trying to rive up your numbers can be difficult. It was once believed that the best way to make your business website more popular online was to use third-party tools to create fake accounts that would generate fake clicks.

But these tactics are a thing of the past; auto-generated clicks become quote obvious to customers. Instead, there are other tools you can use to spy on your competition and see what’s bringing them the most traffic.

Use Facebook To Get the Scoop

It’s much easier to get people to give you the information you’re looking for instead of trying to give up that information. Going to a competitor’s Facebook page can reveal all of the information you need to see what their targeting strategies are.

On the right corner of the right column, where ads appear, you’ll get some insight into how your competitors are targeting their audience, whether it’s through interests, geography, or other specific demographics. By clicking on the ad, the question “Why am I seeing this?” pops up, which gives you all the information you need on their targeting scheme. Bullpreneur can help you to improve on your targeting strategies.

Looking At What’s Already Out There

It’s not really spying if the information is out there for everyone to see, is it?  Instead of wasting time and money investing into online tools to see what your competition is doing, you can take a gander at ads gallery websites to see the trends of your competitors.

For example, if you’re selling sunglasses for the summer, an ads gallery website can show you what popular images are being used to sell sunglasses, such as people wearing shades and being at the beach or hiking. This will give you some insight as to how your ads can be improved, whether you choose to use similar imagery or to go for something drastically different in order to make your company stand out from the rest.

Pretend to Be Your Competitors’ Biggest Fan

There’s nothing wrong with pretending to be a potential customer; in fact, it’s the best way to get your competition to give up all of the information you’re looking for. Subscribe to their newsletters and visit their sites on a regular basis. Eventually, you’ll be added to a Website Custom Audience list that provides you with all of your competitors’ latest ads and targeting campaigns.

Spy On Your Competitors’ Audience

Ads aren’t the only way to figure out how your competitors are gaining attention; you have to look at their audience too. Finding the right target audience is how you keep you ad revenue costs low too, as you’re not casting as wide a net to see what works. By looking at who your competitors biggest fans are and what they’re interested in will give you a large advantage. You’ll be able to better improve your Facebook posts in order to garner more attention.

By understanding how your competitor thinks, you’ll be able to learn what the strong points are in their targeting strategies. But this isn’t the end of your hard work; now you have to know how to use that information to better improve your business so that you can stand out from the rest.