Money Saving Hacks for Car Owners

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Keeping a car on the road can certainly be a major cost to cover even for those with a decent salary, but you should know that there are all kinds of different ways to make owning and running a car more affordable and this could make a big difference to your monthly finances as well … Read more

5 Tips for Avoiding Unexpected Expenses

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Unexpected expenses make it difficult to balance the company’s books. When shareholders are relying on the company to hit its earnings targets, additional expenses not in the original budget will surely throw a spanner into the works. To avoid this situation from happening too often, here are 5 tips you may want to follow. 1. … Read more

How to Be Smart with Money Without Being a Miser

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Saving money is a wise thing. However, some people overdo it and they become misers. This is where you get excessively preoccupied and emotional to the extent of sacrificing the fun things you used to engage in.  At times, your spending patterns may also turn you into a spendthrift, which might also harm your finances … Read more

Bitcoin Market Capitalization in 2021

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Bitcoin has reached a peak of its value in 2021 when its price has surged over $60,000 and further boosted its entire market capitalization to $1 trillion. Market capitalization is an important indicator for investors that want to add BTC to their portfolios and as Bitcoin is experiencing a substantial bull market phase. Here we … Read more