Top tips to improve your credit score

What Are Your Options with Bad Credit?

No matter what your credit score is, most people always have room for improvement. There are many different steps one can take to help improve ones’ credit score. Below are the top tips for improving your credit score.  Check your credit report One of the first steps you must take to improve your credit score … Read more

Here’s Why You Need to Prepare for Open Banking Today

open banking

Meeting digital demands in a constantly evolving market is imperative to businesses, especially for financial institutions. To keep up with the times, many banks have begun prioritizing digital banking innovation to improve their services, and as the pandemic drastically changed how people interact, customer reliance on online banking platforms and secure digital transactions has never … Read more

How to Dig Out of a Financial Hole in 5 Steps

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Running into a financial dead-end is no one’s dream. But it is definitely everyone’s nightmare. With the thoughts of lost assets, unpaid debts, and little to no funds, the situation is enough to induce anxiety among the toughest of minds.  If you find yourself in such a scenario, it can be difficult to find the … Read more

5 ways to help your SME save money

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From lean management tactics to staying on top of business energy claims, here’s how to maximise efficiency and profitability in your organisation The world of business can be both demanding and cut-throat, as any entrepreneur will tell you. Around 70% of businesses shut down within less than two years and, according to CB Insights, 29% … Read more

Top 4 Reasons to Consider the Help of a Factoring Company for Your Business

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Many businesses fall upon financial strains that hinder their productivity and interfere with their daily operations. The traditional route has been to acquire a business loan to facilitate those needs. There are other ways to stay afloat while in operation though. One of those ways is a method called “factoring”.  1. What Is Factoring? Factoring … Read more