Do Small Businesses Need Big Data?

big data

In almost every industry in the world today, it’s difficult to escape discussions about the role of data in helping companies attain growth. [Published October 2019, updated May 2021] Data is everywhere – in the phones we use, books we read and even the websites we visit. The right kind of data can help companies … Read more

How To Start A Business On A Tight Budget

start your business

Many people have exciting business ideas. However, turning those ideas into actual businesses can be challenging, particularly when the resources they have are limited. Though having sufficient resources can be beneficial in a variety of ways, starting out with significant debt is a common business mistake that small brands should avoid. After all, it’s possible … Read more

Does My Business Need CCTV?

cctv camera

CCTV is a key part of security of any business, big or small. CCTV can have many advantages in keep your premises safe and your assets, not to mention your staff and customers, secure. On the other hand, they can also involve challenges and disadvantages, such a legal requirements. If you’re weighing up whether you … Read more