Best Quora Alternatives to Get Instant Answers

Most of the people over the internet head for Quora to get their queries solved. It is a well-known Q/A platform that gives you instant answers for free. Most people find its interface pretty easy while others do look for some alternatives that can do a much better job. The world has become highly digitalized, and the demands of the people are ever-changing due to the fast-paced environment. Not only brands, but content writers also look for platforms on which their piece of writing is recognized and appreciated.

Even though, Quora has a pool of users who post questions and then debate on which answer is correct. However, the lack of guidance to use the website has mainly driven the users to look for other platforms and hope for a better experience. If you are on the hunt for websites like Quora, where you can ask questions, post answers and even earn from your writing, this article is for you.

1. Answerly (Our Top Pick)

Ever wondered about a Q/A platform where writing is blended with modern digital currency? Well, there is one by the name of “Answerly App” This website has the perfect algorithm that works by identifying the perfect answers and then ranking them accordingly. Answerly provides a classic user experience. From an integrated plagiarism checker to various writing styles, Answerly is jam-packed with many exciting features. It doesn’t only make writing fun but the readers also have a good time finding answers to their queries.

Moreover, this platform pays its writers quite well. The better the answers, the higher the level, and the writers will be paid in the form of Answerly Tokens. This emerging Q/A website is now the top pick of many users out there including us. If you’re curious to find out more, do check out this alternative!


Garrett Gruener and David Warthen are the brains behind this project which they founded in 1996 in Berkeley, California. The users on this website can solve their queries by searching them in the form of a question. The creators thought that majority of the people search by writing questions rather than performing a single word search. Thus, the users enter their problem as a question and get answers in the form of content. Initially, was a search engine, due to unbeatable competition with search engines like Google, it was then transformed into a question and answer website.

3. Stack Exchange

Like other alternatives listed above, Stack Exchange’s primary goal was to attract the general audience and answer their questions. It was created in January 2011 and since then, its users are actively growing. And as of August 2019, stack exchange is one of the most actively-viewed websites. Just like the alternative Answerly, people can ask questions and get accurate answers and the users have the option to upvote the questions coupled with the responses. Another similar feature like Answerly is the rewarding feature for its writers. It pays the users with the reputation points that help them to get a better job and have privilege access.

This website aims to create a network, where people can ask questions without the fear of being judged. It doesn’t only have a single platform but a network of sites. For example, questions related to computers or programming are answered on Stack Overflow.

4. Reddit

A few sources state that Reddit is the number 5 most visited website in the US and ranks 13 in the world. Reddit is a discussion website where only registered users can post queries. Not only questions, but members can also share links, images and then let the community members vote for their post. People with OCD will be satisfied here as it is the most organized platform you’ll ever find! As the posts are organized in the form of subreddits and the most voted content appears at the top.

There are several topics you can browse from news, fashion, gaming science, food every category is available. There are more than 300 million registered Redditors on this app. It works similar to Quora as users post in the form of content while others post comments underneath it and create a thread of conversation.

5. Yahoo Answers

Another similar alternative to Quora is Yahoo Answer. This platform lets the users ask questions and answer others' queries too. Initially, it was created for internal alpha testing on June 28, 2005, later on, it was available for the public on May 15, 2006. All you need is to create an account and start finding answers to your questions. The topics are categorized with an easy user interface so that you can swipe if you don’t find any answer useful.


This article was all about mentioning the best alternatives to Quora. However, looking at the features and perks for the writers and the users, Answerly is the finest pick of all. From a built-in plagiarism checker to gaining good rewards, the platform is great for writers as well as questioners. But, if you do wish to explore other alternatives, we have provided you with top Q/A alternatives where you can seek answers to your questions and explore even more.