Best 2015 Alternative to eBay: Bidstart

It’s hard to find a more beautiful showcase that Bidstart, an alternative to eBay that caters to artists, craftspeople, and sellers of antiques. It tricks out your store and your items with great photo galleries, and very much functions as a showcase, not just a catalog and payment processor.

The site is home to items such as a walrus tusk scrimshaw, a Victorian Butler’s Secretar desk, the comic Blue Beetle#5, and a Wizard of Oz sold out miniature set.

Sellers can dive in and create listings for items, or alternatively set up a store.  You can go with auction or fixed price.

Bidstart was originally a stamp-oriented marketplace called StampWants, launched in 2005.  Users created some demand for a broader marketplace, and in 2009, Bidstart was born out of StampWants.

Like many marketplaces, Bidstart comes complete with a community that allows for support and discussions of issues.

Bidstart serves as one of many alternatives to eBay, and it just may be worth an investigation.