Best 2015 Alternatives to Paypal: Payza

Payza is one of the better payment processors to come around in a while.  There’s a lot to recommend it, with the biggies, low fees and large access being met in spades.

So let’s do a quick rundown of Payza and what it’s all about.  It calls itself “your money’s gateway to the world!” and that doesn’t read as an idle claim.    It is accepted in just under 200 nations.  Now, Payza isn’t quite as simple and one-click as some other payment processors—it’s value lies more in its acceptability and the way it takes it easy with the fees.

While some payment processors tank money right out of a credit card, etc., with Payza you go through the step of loading cash into your e-wallet.  You can do this via bank transfer, bank wire, credit or debit card.  When you want to withdraw from your wallet, you can go with a bank transfer, bank wire, or prepaid Payza card.  Most methods take about 2-4 days.

Sending payments out with a business account doesn’t incur fees.  And when it comes to using Payza to accept payments for merchandise or services, you can do that too.  You’ll get payment buttons and invoicing capabilities.

The pre-paid card isn’t something you’ll find just anywhere, and may strike you as the way to go.  You load it up from your Payza account and then spend it like any debit card.

Payza is available worldwide in plenty of currencies.  It’s pretty light on fees, and these are reasons t look into it.