Best 2014 Paypal Alternatives: Skrill

Skrill was originally known as Moneybookers and it was founded in 2001. Skrill finds its niche as a payment processing utility by offering many options. Merchants can accept payments via major credit cards and through Skrill’s online accounts.

Skrill boasts 36 million users in 200 countries, dealing in 40 currencies. The company’s site says that more than 156,000 business use their service.

A couple of months ago, Skrill took home the Mobile Payments Solution of the Year Award at the eGR B2B Awards. That probably answers the question of whether or not it provides mobile services. Skrill’s fast track to the hardware was a technology called 1-Tap, which facilitates single-touch payments. And then there’s the Skrill Mobile App, which dates back to Oct. of 2013.

In addition to the portablility, there’s the versatility of Skrill. Its Global Payment Suite is a mammoth tool that encompasses Skrill Digital Wallet, Skrill Alternative Payments and Skrill Card Processing. And, yes, it has a global reach, available in 200 countries.

One thing to note is that merchants can take advantage of analytical tools available—these will give you searchable reconciliation reports and allow merchants to dole out permissions as they see fit.

There’s no question that amidst a controversy or two, Skrill has remained a leader by putting forth a slew of great functions.