Best 2014 PayPal Alternative: Propay

Just when you thought you’d seen all the possible alternatives to Paypal, just when you thought we were done filling you in on payment processors, we found yet another one (and we’re nowhere near done, yet), ProPay.

ProPay allows you and your business to accept credit cards from anywhere around the world with non-variable rates.  You can make payments around the globe in international currencies, and alternate between payment solutions.

One of the things to know about ProPay is that it comes armed with thorough and creative mobile solutions for your business.

ProPay offers a mobile phone web interface, smart phone apps, and a card reader for both online and offline use.  This card reader is called the ProPay JAK and it allows you to accept payments in real time on your Android or iOS device.  Propay touts the security of this feature.

If you are interested in accepting payments in general, aside from the mobile options, the backbone of ProPay’s services is the ProPay Merchant Account.  This gives you a keyed rate of 3.4% and a swipe reate of 2.6%.  They’ve been in business since 1997, when not everyone had even used the Internet.  They’ve enabled, in that time, 1.5 small businesses to accept payments.

Another nice wrinkle of ProPay is its consulting service.  This allows you to navigate regulations and understand fraud, risk, and other legal issues that can be dizzying.

ProPay’s mission is simplicity and an effective payment processor, particularly for small businesses.  It is built around the following planks:

  • real-time account set-up and secure solutions
  • protectin of data with ProtectPay, one of the first end-to-end payment security solutions
  • flexible data protection

It’s also worth noting that ProPay is committed to educating and helping its customers learn about their services.  Their datasheets and white papers are more than worth checking out.  It’s a company that has done its research and that has based its services on the resulting facts.

There are a lot of alternatives to Paypal out there in 2014 as ever.  More will spring up next week and next year.  All you can do is educate yourself, and we’re here to help.