Best 2014 eBay Alternatives: Delcampe

If you’re looking to sell interesting, unique, and really cool items, this is probably the place for you.  Stamps, old paper, figurines, clocks, and military-oriented collectibles are all on offer at Delcampe.

The auction site has some pretty interesting enticements for would-be sellers.  Here’s a rundown of information on fees and other technicalities of setting up and running a seller account on Delcampe:

  • premium website reserved for professional stores
  • a prestige website set aside for auction houses
  • opening a store is free
  • images are free/99 pics per sale
  • unsold items back on sale free of charge
  • multiple payment system
  • rate customers
  • pay fees only on items sold

If you’re into stamps or coins in particular, know that Delcampe is often featured in stamp and coin newsletters and other trade publications.

We all need our niche, and if you sell in collectibles, Delcampe is certainly worth checking out.